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Philips ZES LED Auto Headlight Bulb V1

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Fan led headlight bulb
IP67 waterproof
Smaller size design
Perfect light cut
Easier for installation
Professional light pattern
  • V1

Product Parameter:

Model:                       JG-V1 H490049007H13

LED chip brand:                  Philips zes

LED Quantity:                                                                 36PCS-CSP

Input (A):                                                                         2.5A±0.2A

Voltage:                                                                           DC9V-32V

Beam Angle:                                                                   360°

Lumens:                                                                          8000LM

Color:                                                                              6500K

Working time:                                                               More than 30,000 hours

Adapt to the ambient temperature:                         -40℃~+80℃

Cooling fan position:                                                    Built-in

Material:                                                                        Aerospace Aluminum parts



Metal fan guard

Driver circuit board

6063 heatsink aluminum

Mute high-speed fan up to 8000 RPM

Car headlamps dedicated light source

Thermoelectricity-separation copper substrate


Perfect looks and visibility:This philips zes led auto headlight bulb put out 8000lumens,has achieved optimal visibility,with no light scatter and stronger penetration


Easy installation:For V1 led auto headlight conversion kit,installation is never an issue,direct fit plug and play connectors,with no modifications required aluminum fin radiators and built-in cooling fan position.


High temperature resistant:V1 led headlight bulb with 5000 hours continuous test in the 90℃ high temperature oven.


Philips ZES LED chips:This led auto conversion kit adopts high brightness philips ZES LED chips,light efficiency increased by 30%, better penetration and stronger condenser,with higher durability.


Color Temperature Variable:High brightness 8000lumens,crystal clear 6500k/3500k,lower lumen depreciation.



  • Flicp chip:better beam-focusing.higher brightness

  • 6063 integated heat dissipation:good heat transfer effect,fast heat dissipation,won’t be broken off

  • Mute high-speed fan:high-speed turbo cooling fan same lifespan with the car

  • In-built drive with no interference:block electromagnetic interference,clear radio reception,EMC approved.

  • Lamp Beads:powerful lumi leds csp leds improve 60% light efficiency

  • Lamp body:high thermal conductivity high precision anode grey lamp body

  • Bottom:frosted heatsink which designed with radiation heat dissipation and cooling paint



Automotive grade flip chip,better beam-focusing,smallest emitting surface,anti-glare shield design,more focusing of emitting surface,avoid dazzle,achieve perfect beam pattern.


Lights Safty, Drive Safty.




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