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Strong Spot beam for long irradiation distance LED light bar JG-9613F

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JG-9613F. Strong Spot beam for long irradiation distance LED light bar

  • JG-9613F

Product Parameter:

Model:                                                                                    JG-9613FC

Color temperature:                                                                 6500K

Operating Voltage:                                                                 10-30V 

Waterproof rate:                                                                     IP 68             

Optional Color:                                                                       Black

Material:                                                                                  Diecast aluminum housin.                          

Lens material:                                                                          PMMA

Mounting Bracket:                                                                  304 Stainless steel bracket

Beam:                                                                                      Driving beam

Life time:                                                                                 50000 hours


SUPER BRIGHT RAY :The  spot beams provides a long irradiation distance,the irradiation distance is three times that of ordinary LED light bar. .

BETTER HEAT DISSIPATION :Light bar backside aluminum sinks enlarged the heat dissipation area, cooling the light quickly, protecting the light bar from overheating while working. Diecast aluminum housing Is heat resistant and also durable enough to extend light bar's lifespan to over 50000 hours.

ADJUSTABLE BRACKET :The light bar can be adjusted to about 45 degrees, which makes changing direction of light beam easier.Good electrical conductivity, Bottom Mounted with slidable block, easy to mount on the existing holes of the bar, high temperature and melting resistant, outstanding bending performance.

Waterproof & dustproof: complete prevent duty from entering & sorting in water for a short time under certain pressure.built in rubber seal 2 in spacing between screens to keep water and duty out.


JG-9613F  application:

Ordinary vehicles:SUV,Truck,Bus

Special vehicles:ATV,Fire truck,Police car,Train etc

Engineering vehicles:excavator,logging machine,roller etc

Commercial areas:Industrial and mining area,public building,Hotel,Garden environment


Strong Spot beam for long irradiation distance LED light bar JG-9613F,there may be a little error because of measurement in a different way.


Shock absorbing packaging

Built-in safety foam shock absorption,lamp body 360 degrees protection avoid violent express,station you buy rest assured.

Custom packaging:we also offer packaging customization services to help built the impact of your brand.You can provide a logo or a complete packaging solution,and we offer this kind of personal customization.

Lights Safty, Drive Safty.




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