What is a Laser Light Bar?

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Nowadays, more and more people like to experience different terrains and explore the wild environment. Camping in the mountains and forest or exploring trails become more and more popular.

If you adventure with a laser light bar, it will ensure your safety to tackle any unknown dangers. It can not only emit an unsurpassed laser beam to illuminate the road ahead in darkness but also can resist the impending hazard of stray animals when offroad.

If you're going to pick one, we'll make a detailed introduction in this article to make your choice easier.



1. The detailed look of the laser light bar

2. What are the advantages of off-road laser light bars

3. Type of laser light bars

4. Wide application and various sizes of laser light bars


1. The detailed look of the laser light bar

As shown in the figure, the laser light bar is roughly in the shape of a bar. The most advanced laser chip is used in the middle, and projector is generally used as the lens of the laser chip. On both sides, OSRAM P8 LEDs are used, whose brightness and intensity are 10 times that of traditional xenon or LED headlights.

 Jiuguang lighting laser chips (1)




It's obvious from the appearance that the laser light bars are built insanely tougher than other lights. All boast ultra-high quality cast alloy housing with in-built passive cooling fins for component longevity, and premium convex polycarbonate lens that’s resistant to scratching, scuffing, and fading--the same stuff riot shields and fighter jet canopies are made of!

 Jiuguang lighting laser chips (2)


Rated at IP68 waterproof, effective dustproof, and waterproof can withstand all kinds of bad weather. Military breathing holes can prove that the product has passed strict air tightness tests:Inject 30Pa pressure into the finished product, inflate the mold in a direct way, let the instrument fill the mold with a certain amount of gas, the gas will have an adjustment process in the mold, then the product A certain pressure will be formed on the periphery of the device, and the pressure will be monitored by a precision pressure sensor, and then the leakage value of the gas can be converted after a series operation (excellent 300), and the air tightness and IP of the laser strip light can be detected according to the leakage value waterproof level.

 Laser light bar waterproof IP68






2. What are the advantages of off-road laser light bars

Revolutionary laser lighting system -- thanks to advanced technology, laser introduced as auxiliary lighting, supplement a longer distance for driving, drastically increase the light output, help drivers to better see curves in the road, and ensure safety.


Highspeed spot lighting - With the unique design of the laser module and deep reflectors, the lighting distance can up to 2000 meters at 1 LUX, greatly extend the lighting range. The strong penetrating power can light up the night to guarantee your safety driving at high speed in the dark. Fitted with high-quality OSRAM LEDs, lumens per watt reaches 129LM, achieving low energy and high efficiency.


Safety Maximization - With the international FDA, E9, and EN 62471 certification, the laser emitted comply with the safety regulations. It will not cause any harm to people's eyes and it's legal to use on-road or off-road.


High performance -The rugged aluminum alloy housing and the in-built passive cooling fins realize efficient heat dissipation and guarantees a service life of more than 50,000 hours. The polycarbonate lens is durable and wear-resistant. It can effectively prevent dust and water to withstand any kind of bad weather.

Equipped with two heavy-duty brackets, side brackets, and bottom brackets, for flexible installations.



3. Type of laser light bars

Laser light bars can be roughly divided into two categories according to their appearance and performance, multi-row laser light bars and single-row laser light bars.

No matter how many rows, all laser light bars can emit super strong power, reaching an irradiation distance above 1500 meters and super strong exposure to drive at high speed in the dark.


4.Wide application and various sizes of laser light bars

Our laser light bars all come in various sizes from 14'' to 52'' to let you mount them in different places for different light needs.


Laser light bars are generally heavy so they can be mounted on the front bumper or the roof using special brackets. They are commonly applied on off-road vehicles or other equipment that requires super strong power like trucks, Jeeps, heavy-duty, ATV, UTV.

Even run on 12v and 24v, so you can bolt them to just about any type of machine.

 Jiuguang laser light bar application on ATV




Due to so many unsurpassed advantages, laser light bars have become more and more popular. If you're fond of trying the latest advanced lights or you're passionate about offroading, laser lights bars won't let you down.


Jiuguang can provide the most high-quality laser light bars at the best factory prices. If you want to know more, simply login to our website: to get in touch with our sales staff through the contact information on the website.

 Laser light bar manufacturer-Jiuguang lighting

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