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The effects of technological advancement are seen everywhere today, even in the world of lighting. The LED driving lights became a popular piece of equipment for many car owners. Though it looks cool, it also serves the purpose of giving the cars better visibility at night. This product boasts of a ton of benefits that puts it ahead of the other two types of car lights, the halogen and the HIDs. Let’s take a closer look at it.

1. The Led driving lights have more light patterns to meet different light needs.

The spotlights of the led driving lights are most helpful at higher speeds by helping you see distance and maximizing reaction time. Lighting a mile can help you relax during a long night drive rather than struggling to spot animals, ditches, or other obstacles at the last second. But powerful spotlights can also overwhelm you at lower speeds and may reflect light at close range.

Floodlights illuminate a wider area for shorter distances (usually hundreds of yards). In this way, they can help you spot potential hazards on the side of the road or path, and help illuminate bends and turns. You don't want floodlights to be too bright because they are designed to work closer to your eyes. Floodlights can be made into strip lights to provide a comprehensive lighting solution, or fog lights to illuminate specific areas.

There are some ways to maximize the visual ability in foggy and dusty weather. You can upgrade the power of fog lights, running them at a warm color temperature, and tilting them down and to the side. Some people also install small floodlights on the sides of trucks which are perpendicular to the direction of travel.

2. The led driving lights are designed to give you a good view from inside the pickup bed, the back of any vehicle or any places you want.

They can not only help with driving but also make roadside repairs or setting up camp as easy as possible.

You can fit your vehicles with as many led driving lights as you like. Switching separately and different lighting solutions can illuminate various areas. They can help you cope with changing driving conditions and changing weather.

There are also many driving lights with more functions and styles to deal with more situations. Such as some lights apply advanced RGB technology to offer better vision and broader application.

Like our 3 inch RGB Led Pod which features an RGB Halo that has 16 Solid Colors, over 120 Kinds of chasing, Flashing, Strobe Modes. The illumine light and RGB Chasing halo can be controlled by a remote or Bluetooth app at the same time. Support in different Music modes and DIY light effects.

It is also IP67 Waterproof Rating with dustproof and shockproof PMMA lens, great for both indoor and outdoor use, can be used as auxiliary light, backup lamp, pub light, studio spotlight, yard lamp, yacht decorative light, etc.

Another best-selling RGB light is our LED RGB Rock Light. With the APP control, it has color changing and voice-activated mode. The lights pods kit suit any type of music, including slow, relaxing tunes and dance music. You can create your romantic atmosphere for your nights. Due to its tiny profile and various functions, it is perfect for under wheel arches, around the front grille, under foot-wells, along with the dash, Cars, SUV, Jeep, Vans, Truck, Boats, Motorcycle Decoration.

3. LED lights come in lots of sizes and shapes to supplement the lack of driving light sources, such as driving in the countryside or the wild, especially when participating in off-road activities.

LED driving lights are a great way to add additional illumination to your vehicle or work truck. They are easily mounted to trucks, jeeps, ATVs, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicles with ease. Unlike light bars, driving lights are smaller, between 2 and 9 inches, and allow for a more customizable lighting setup. 

4 inch LED driving lights have a large range of applications due to their tiny body. It can be mounted on the hood, on the grille or bumper to auxiliary your headlights, on the rooftop or any places you like. 

We carry a variety of beam angles including spot, flood and combo beam. You can choose the light pattern depends on your light needs. Our 954D produces a more focused beam of light with its 5D optic lens that can travel a far distance ahead of the vehicle.

Our 954Z can illuminate a large wide area within a short distance with 4 high-intensity Cree chips and the large light cup design. They are typically used as work lights or in backup lights to see the broader area nearby. Our 954A features a reflector cup with high luminous clarity and both Wide Driving (90 °) and spot (10 °) optics to provide you with a smooth blend of light for both near field applications and distance.

Larger size LED driving lights like our 8.5'' D085 and 7'' D070 are mostly mounted on the front bumper and rooftop due to their heavyweight. Mounting on these places is high enough for the lights to project out as far as needed and can avoid light reflection off of the hood. They all come with heavy-duty adjustable brackets, and extreme vibration-resistant brackets are also available.

The smallest size driving lights like our 2'' 993A is widely used in motorcycles, automobiles, Off-road cars and bicycles, external lights, super waterproof and shockproof. It can be mounted almost anywhere you like depends on your personal

preference and light needs. Featuring a 6K cool white high beam to a 3K yellow low beam, it can realize the penetration of yellow light and low light in rainy and foggy days, and white light to ensure sufficient lighting and driving light.

The company called JIUGUANG has been producing many kinds of types led driving lights with many powerful functions. Compared with other lights, the led driving light has a high-cost performance. If you are interested in the led driving lights, you can contact them.

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