led round drving light
round led offroad lights
led round drving light

Jiuguang, the top manufacturer of 4x4 LED driving lights. We provide the latest auto driving lights manufacturing technology, the coolest styles, and support the company's OEM customization.

Off Road Fashion Trend - Led Driving Lights

Off Road Fashion Trend - Led Driving Lights

Traditional 4x4 auxiliary lights can be divided into three categories: led light bar, led work light, and led driving lights. They can generally be installed in different positions of various vehicles, such as roofs, bumpers and hoods. But nowadays led driving lights has an immeasurable fashion trend, because its size is generally smaller than that of led light bar, easy to install, and the light type spot is more concentrated, which can meet the needs of all kinds of drivers. Next, as the top led driving lights manufacturer in China, we will show you the latest and greatest led driving lights

Led Round Driving Lights

Off Road Fashion Trend - Led Driving Lights

The round driving lights can usually be divided into 9 inch, 7 inch, 4 inch, 3 inch, and the brackets are generally standing on the sides or bottom. Round led driving lights usually have a fuller and more uniform light.It is also the first choice for most drivers.

Rectangle/ Square Driving Lights

Off Road Fashion Trend - Led Driving Lights

Different from the traditional round driving lights, Rectangle/Square Driving Lights have a more unique appearance. Generally, hybrid light cups or floodlight cups are used as materials. The light distribution is wide and the diffusion effect is strong. Therefore, more trucks or construction vehicles and agricultural vehicle drivers are used.

Led Pods/Flush Mount Pods

Off Road Fashion Trend - Led Driving Lights

4x4 led pods generally refer to 3 inch square auxiliary lights used on vehicles. It has the characteristics of small size, multi-light type, strong atmosphere (RGB/Flashing), and easy installation. It is widely used in the hood, headlight hole and bumper of vehicles, regardless of the size of the vehicle or the material load Feel free to install. It is also the first choice for many off road players to modify their vehicle lamps.

9 inch Round off Road Lights with DRL JG-D001 Specification

Model:JG-D001 9inch
Voltage:9-32V DC
Working Watt:198W
Color temperature: 6500K
Waterproof&Dustproof: IP 68
Chip:33pcs*6w high intensity OSRAM P8
llumination distance: 1 LUX@1400M
Material:Diecasting aluminum alloy housing
Mounting Bracket:stainless steel bracket
Angle light: white
Housing color:Black
Lens material:PC
312 stainless steel bracket
Life time:80000+ hours


JG-D001 adopting 33 pieces advanced OSRAM Chip(33pcs*6w ) emit 13000 LM. Its spot (28 degree) beams, make the intensity of the light greater, and you can clearly see objects 1400 meters away in the dark, effectively light up entire forward road.


JG-D001 has a side semi-enclosed daytime running light, which can meet the needs of daily driving, and can also be used as a brake light or position light.


The 60-degree adjustable stainless steel bracket and the latest painting technology ensure that each D001 factory goes through more than 5 painting processes, and the corrosion resistance and salt atomization are even better.


more dense and deep vertical and horizontal heat sinks + military breathing holes to ensure that the product temperature can be maintained at a constant temperature between 50-60 degrees after 2 hours of continuous operation.


Order from Jiuguang Led Light for a truly worry-free experience! We offer a free 2 years warranty and offer excellent service on before-sale, on-sale and after-sale.

Led Driving Lights Application

Why Choose Jiuguang Led Driving lights Manufacturer?

Operating since 2008 with over 20 years’ experience in the Auto lighting industry, as Jiuguang Lighting.Now we have been producing different LED lights for Vehicle.We have complete laboratories, equipped with the most advanced technology, mainly devoted to research and development, primarily focused on R&D and conducted product testing in almost 5 different factories. Today, we are working with an experienced team of engineers on R&D.  Investing heavily in in Led light production line and spent a lot of time and energy to become a leading manufacturer of vehicle accessories in China. Of course, our products have passed CE, RoHS, FCC certification, and we are constantly looking for more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly and more efficient ways.We have a total plant of 9800 square meters in Guangzhou. The company has 487 employees, including 8 R&D team. At the same time, we have advanced production equipment, and the monthly production capacity can reach 100,000 cups. Today, we export to 97 countries at home and abroad, serving customers up to 3000 +.

Guide to Led driving lights Purchase

Q:How to choose led driving lights?

1 Most retailers in the market will falsely label the parameters of the product. The easiest way is to let the seller show you the picture of the working current and voltage before buying. Power = current * voltage, so that you can easily get the working of the product Actual power, good chips such as Cree, OSRAM can reach very high operating power.

2. The quality of led driving lights must be proportional to the quality. The better the product, the heavier the material.

3. Only products with military breathing holes are products that truly pass the air tightness test, which is what we often call WATER PROOF AND DUST PROOF. Military breathing holes can also be used to disperse the mist. Some products are huge Mirror fog will appear in the case of temperature difference. At this time, you only need to open the breathing hole to solve this situation.

Q:What are the steps and processes of the installation?

Set up the LED driving lights

After the car prepping, it is important to consider sturdiness when choosing a mounting location. It should be steady enough to hold your driving lights in place whenever you go off-roading. In addition, the area should be safe for drilling, meaning, no other automotive parts should be compromised during installation.

That said, a safe drilling procedure is a must. Mark your holes using a marker pen first before puncturing anything. 

Attach the bolts but remember to screw them loosely because they will be adjusted multiple times later on.


Set the switch in place

Start by detaching the switch wire segment from the main harness, then route and find your way through your firewall to reach the dashboard. After finding the desired location, use an adhesive type to put the switch in place. Reconnect the other end wiring line of the switch back to the wiring harness.


Position the relay and the cables

You can bolt the relay anywhere on your firewall as long as its location is near the battery. Afterward, take the red positive cable and mount it directly to the red terminal of the battery. Conversely, ground the black negative cable by attaching it to the chassis. Make it a point to cleanly tuck the excess wires and cables in the engine bay and avoid putting the wires close to high-heat zones.


Wire harness to the driving lights

Now work on the remaining set of wires on your harness. They are the connectors to your LED driving lights. Run them to where your driving lights are. Hook up the connector wires to your driving light(red to red and black to black). When everything is in place, go back to your driving light brackets and adjust the driving light’s angle. Secure by tightening the bolts once you’re satisfied with the position. That’s it! You can now turn on the light and enjoy your upgraded lighting system.

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