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Application of led light bar

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With the improvement of people's material level, cross-country has gradually become an entertainment activity for more and more people. Because of its wide range of uses and powerful functions, LED light bars can meet the needs of off-road vehicle owners and protect the safety of drivers, so they are becoming more and more popular with off-road vehicle owners in the market. If you are interested in the led light bar but don't understand it, please don't miss this article.

car led light bartruck led light bar

I will introduce you to lighting performance, applicable equipment, and aesthetics to help you better understand the led light bar.

  • The excellent lighting performance of the led light bar provides you with sufficient lighting

  • The led light bar can be applied to different auto models and equipment

  • The unique appearance of the led light bar can decorate your car

1. The excellent lighting performance of the led light bar provides you with sufficient lighting

The led light bar has superior lighting performance and can provide you with sufficient lighting. As an off-road vehicle driver, you may encounter various harsh environments during off-roading, such as sandstorms and jungles. To pass these harsh environments safely, the lighting of the car is the most important thing to ignore, so many off-road vehicle owners will choose to install an additional led light bar because it can provide the driver with a wider view. The led light bar can be installed in any car position you want to install. The led light bar has a wide range of illumination, allowing the driver to see the road clearly and drive safely in the dark of the jungle.

Here we use our products JG-2009 and 9610A for example.

JG-2009 has a distributed array for every five chips, and one of the chips is arranged in the center, which can ensure that there are no dead spots in the condensing light. 3W each OSRAM chip, 130LM/W original high-quality chip, ensures the efficient and continuous output of the light. JG-2009 all use spotlight cups, the latest design of 14D reflectors, scientifically and reasonably light distribution. The spotlight cup pushes out the light beam at an angle of 50 degrees to ensure that the light can reach the best emission state, and the illumination distance can reach an excellent 600 meters.

led light bar with packageled light bar at night

 9610A adopts higher quality original Cree XTE LED chip, each piece of chip power up to 5W, and can continuously output high lumen. The driving light type is the most classic paving light type, with a wide illumination distance of 250 meters and a long lighting distance of 600-800 meters. The inner shell is coated with high-performance solder paste, To ensure that 9610A will not cause product failure due to high temperature under the condition of long-time efficient work. This can meet the driving needs of off-road vehicles and make your driving more comfortable.

led light bar setusing led light bar

2. The led light bar can be applied to different car models and equipment

As a leading domestic automotive lighting manufacturer, Jiuguang has produced led light bars of various sizes and functions. The led light bar can be applied to different car models and is easy to install.

The working voltage range of the led light bar is 10V-30V, which is suitable for installation in all 12V-24V equipment. The led light bar is widely used in different models such as Jeep, ATU/UTV, RV, SUV, TRACK also boat. For example, as a single row led light bar 9610Z,it can be installed in the ATV/UTV and mount anywhere on the truck or in a bumper. The dual-row led light bar 9613F can be installed on the roof of the car to better use the function of its daytime running lights. The more widely used is JG-2009, it is a spliced light bar , and its angle can be adjusted. JG-2009 is suitable for all kinds of boat sailing at sea, especially for some large fishing boats. When the fishing boat encounters wind waves and vibrations while sailing at sea, an adjustable angle and flexible splicing belt can make the lighting effect better.

No matter what type of car you are, at Jiuguang, you can find a led light bar suitable for you. Jiuguang's led light bar is an adjustable mounting bracket, you can easily adjust to the different angles you want.

led light bar for AVTled light bar for SUV

3. The unique appearance of the led light bar can decorate your car.

The led light bar has both practicality and aesthetics. It can not only provide you with bright lighting, but also make your car unique.

Jiuguang’s led light bar has different sizes and functions, For example, dual row led light bar L9620, JG-9627, JG-9623, JG-9624, and quad row led light bar JG-9643D, JG-9642, single row led light bar JG-9610L, JG-9610Z, JG-9610B, JG-9610A and more. Every year, Jiuguang will launch at least 5-15 new products to the market, where customers can buy products with the latest design and latest technology. No matter what type of car you are in, you can find suitable size strip lights to decorate your car in Jiuguang.

led light bar for black SUVfront led light bar

front led light bar for SUVpurple led light bar

The above is all the content of this article. I hope this article can help you have a better understanding of the led light bar. Jiuguang is an experienced and technologically advanced manufacturer that can provide you with high-quality led light bars, led headlight bulbs, and led driving light. If you are interested in Led light bars, please feel free to contact us, Jiuguang will give you the best choice.

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