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Buy a low-configuration car, headlights are not bright enough how to do?

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Buy a low-configuration car, headlights are not bright enough how to do?

Many people will have a similar experience when buying a car, the entry configuration of the alternative model uses a lower-cost halogen source headlights, and the high-quality models equipped with xenon headlights or LED headlights are beyond the car budget, so the final purchase of the model headlights can not meet the demand. Based on the owner's dissatisfaction with the performance of the original headlights, the modified headlights have naturally become a popular retrofit project in the retrofit market.

Buy a low-configuration car, headlights are not bright enough how to do

Since halogen lamps are not bright enough and have a life span, LED headlights are resistant to high temperatures and relatively expensive, is it feasible to replace halogen bulbs directly with xenon bulbs? The answer is no, and the headlights need to be replaced. The basic assembly includes a light bulb, stabilizer and matching wire set. The stabilizer is a device that provides 23000V instantaneous high voltage when driving a light bulb, and has the function of protecting the circuit overload and controlling the driving current. Xenon headlight bulb and the original halogen bulb in the shape is different, the spot will also change, after the replacement of xenon bulb, because can not effectively concentrate light, so the light usually shows a scattering state, simply in the car can not see, the outside is very dazzling. Not only did not get the desired effect, but on the night driving caused safety hazards, so this time the lens is extremely critical.

When the lens is added, the light can be controlled, making the shape and direction of the light more controllable. In addition, the lens is also divided into a single-light lens and a dual-light lens, single-light lens inside the design of corresponding near-light and far-light lens, the two-light lens is different is that it can do similar to the far, near-light conversion transformation, usually is near-light state, when the remote light is opened at the same time, it operates through the electromagnetic mechanism of the optical file, Light that is near light is also assigned to the exposure of the distant light. The original lighting is actually a set of cooperative role, will ensure better applicability, so if you want to change a set. It is a reminder that if the modified xenon headlights do not have a lens, in addition to poor results, on the road can easily be stopped by traffic police.

In addition to the above modification rules, the selection of retrofit products and refit stores is also very important, it is recommended to choose well-known modified product brands and experienced retrofit stores.

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