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Car headlights have water mist trick, car headlights have water mist how to do?

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Car headlights have water mist trick, car headlights have water mist how to do?

Car headlights have water mist, it is estimated that many car owners encounter this situation are at a loss, in fact, do not need to be nervous, headlights have water mist is very common, below we look at the car headlights have water mist treatment trick.

Car headlights have water mist trick, car headlights have water mist how to do?

No matter what type of headlight, there will be a ventilation rubber tube in the rear cover position of the headlights, the role of this rubber tube is to drain the heat generated after the headlights are turned on, maintaining the normal operating temperature of the headlights. We all know that a large amount of heat is generated in the moment the headlights are lit until they are used. But it is also the ventilation pipe, through which the water in the air will enter the headlights and attach them to the lampshade, where water beads are formed and flowed down the lamp shade as the water vapor gathers. This is usually the case in the case of a relatively large temperature difference, which is often the case during winters and rain-soaked seasons.

Encounter car headlights have water mist, car owners do not have to worry, the best trick is to turn on the headlights, the general lights after a period of time, fog will be with the hot air through the ventilation pipe to the outside of the lamp, will not cause damage to the headlights and circuits. If there is a high-pressure air gun owner, at the same time can use a high-pressure air gun in the engine compartment easy to build tide place blow, speed up the flow of air to take away moisture.

Some car owners said, can not use the dryer on the headlight surface baking? The answer is no, because now basically all models of lampshades are made of plastic, baking temperature is too high easily lead to the aging of the headlights yellow, or even cold direct cracking.

The above mentioned situation is the headlights inside is water mist, if there is a large amount of water, then this situation is basically the headlight seal problem, the solution is only to remove the headlight assembly, and then carefully check whether there is damage inside, confirm that no damage after the proposal to strip the lamp cover and the assembly, dry and blow dry, and then reseal.

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