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Daytime running lights are the most useless configuration? It's not what you think.

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Daytime running lights are the most useless configuration? It's not what you think.

There are many articles on the Internet like "the most useless configuration of vehicles", many of whom are attacking daytime running lights, saying that they do not light up the role not to say, but also rise to fuel consumption increases. Is the daytime running lights really the most useless configuration?

Daytime running lights are the most useless configuration

The lights of the vehicle have two functions, first of all, naturally, such as our low beam high beam, but most of them play a warning role, such as directional lights (double flashlights), tail lights, fog lights and reversing lights, including our daytime running lights, they only one role is to let others see us, And driving is to know that the high-end low-speed lights are a light language, and the lamp language is also to remind others to see their own, it can be said that in addition to the lights in the cab, most of our lights are to remind others that there is.

The same is true of daytime running lights, daytime running lights originated in northern Europe and North America countries, such as Sweden, Canada and other countries, because these areas often snow, fog, to see a low degree, so the traffic regulations require that driving during the day also drive lights. But many car owners will forget (and certainly bar owners won't forget) turning on the lights or turning on the automatic headlights, so there is a mandatory daytime running lights, in order to make it easier for pedestrians and other vehicles on the road to see our own cars.

I believe that many car owners have this experience, driving in the tunnel want to change lanes, suddenly found that the rear car does not have a driving light (this horse is really quite a lot, the key is that he can see outside, but do not know that others can not see him), it is easy to accident, if there are daytime running lights then that is not the problem? So the meaning of the daytime running lights is not to take the road but to let others see you.

Besides, fuel consumption, daytime driving is basically LED, and LED's biggest feature is power saving, so this fuel consumption is really negligible.

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