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Does the car that automatically turns on the headlights during the day symbolizes expensive?

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Does the car that automatically turns on the headlights during the day symbolizes expensive?

As the important component of the car's function and the finishing touch of the car's exterior, the car's most basic role is safety, but it is often overlooked by some car owners.

In fact, the lights using the correct or not directly affect the traffic safety car owners, and especially the headlights and security are closely linked. According to statistics, 60% of car accidents are caused by unclear sights. Therefore, many high-end luxury cars and European cars use automatic headlights as an important and basic active safety configuration.

jiuguang turns on the headlights

In Sweden and Canada, because the weather is dark and often snow, so provisions must be open during the day driving headlights. This regulation has already begun to prevail in the European continent, and trials have begun in parts of Zhejiang, China. In order to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents, the Jinhua City Traffic Patrol Detachment issued the “Hangjin Line Daytime Driving Headlights”. According to statistics, during the pilot period of more than four months, the four indexes of traffic accidents all declined, and the number of traffic accidents dropped by 13.6%. Driving the headlights during the day is not for the purpose of lighting, but to enable other pedestrians and motor vehicles to see their cars as early as possible so that the other party can prepare as early as possible to ensure safety.

Therefore, for safety reasons, many high-end cars are equipped with the function of automatic opening of the headlights, especially in European cars. The headlights will automatically turn on under the gray sky in the evening.

Why is it safe to turn on the headlights in the gray light? First, analyze the human eye. At dawn and dusk, the human eye has the weakest ability to recognize colors and shapes, and the pupils are in a working state of day and night. The light at this moment is already insufficient, that is, the gray feeling (and the pollution of the city is deeper). The original goal that can be clearly judged at a distance of 300 meters is that this time it is generally close to 50 meters.

Look at the color of the car. According to statistics, almost one-third of consumers choose silver-gray cars. Silver-gray is a good camouflage color. It is easy to fit into a gray background. It is not easy to distinguish shapes. It is usually used in fighters. Therefore, the role of automatic headlights is revealed at this time. Because the headlights are turned on not only to make them see the road, but also to make others see their car.

Another situation is to enter the underground garage or tunnel. Because the light is from bright to dark, the human eye has an adaptation process, so the sensitive automatic headlights will give the driver additional illumination compensation. In addition, the automatic headlights will also light when the rain wipes work, because most of the rain and snow weather is not good, and the background will appear gray, then turn on the lights to improve the attention of themselves and other vehicles.

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