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Forget to turn off the lights manually after parking, will it always be on?

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Forget to turn off the lights manually after parking, will it always be on?

The car lights are powered by a battery, if we get out of the car when the fire to forget to turn off the lights, will it always be on? What are the consequences?

Forget to turn off the lights manually after parking, will it always be onPreviously more old models, it is true that the vehicle will only cut off the power of the vehicle after the fire, will not automatically cut off the power of the lights, so as long as the owner does not turn off, the lights will always be on, consuming the battery's electricity. Often experience a night after the battery's electricity is all consumed by the lights, and so on the next day the owner wants to start the vehicle can not start up, affecting the use of the vehicle. At this time can only find someone to the battery to receive electricity, so that the vehicle can restart, but as long as the car can start up, you can continue to charge the battery.

Now a lot of vehicles, in the design time has taken this issue into account, so also have the automatic cut-off function of the lights, as long as the vehicle out of flames, cut off all power, car owners no longer have to worry about because forget to turn off the lights and the battery can not start the situation. Some vehicles also accompany you home function, the vehicle in the few minutes after the stop the lights remain on, for the owner of the road, and then automatically closed, is also very intimate.

However, there are many functions and types of lights, some vehicles are not turned off after the fire will turn off all lights, such as wide lights such as easy to ignore lights, some of the car system will not automatically turn off. So the owner of the night when parking off the fire is best to pay attention to, manually all lights off, just in case.

In summary, if your vehicle is relatively new models, basically with the automatic cut-off of the lights function, this factory has considered the comparison week. However, sometimes there will be some omissions, not all functional types of lights can be turned off. In order to prevent the use of their own follow-up vehicles, but also to avoid the next day when starting the vehicle to forget to turn off the lights, we would better go out of the habit of turning off the lights manually, so that more assured.

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