How To Install LED Light Bar?

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When talking about led auxiliary lights, LED light bar plays a key role and is one of the most important additions to your vehicle. Whether you are driving down the rural areas or exploring wilderness at night, LED light bars will largely increase road visibility and supplement your dim factory lights to ensure your safety.

It's important to know how to install LED light bars while many people think it's troublesome. No worries, we've summarized the whole steps in this article and you can easily install LED light bars on your vehicles.

 led light bars vehicles of-road automotive lighting

led light bars vehicles of-road automotive lighting


1 . Check the LED light bar kit before installation

2 . Preparation for the installation

3. Install the light bar

4. Wire up the light bar

5. Test the light bar to get the perfect light performance


1 . Check the LED light bar kit before installation

If you bought a LED light bar from us, the package will come to you containing a LED light bar, mounting brackets, wires, nuts, bolts, and tools for mounting them. If the wiring harness is not included in the kit, remember to purchase it separately which will be much more convenient.

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Check all the components in sequence before the installation and sort them out will largely save time and facilitate the whole installation process. If you find some missing parts in this procedure, you can contact us anytime and we'll help with your problem in time.


2 . Preparation for the installation

The first but also most important step is to disconnect your car battery to keep safe. Remove the ground terminal and the positive terminal step by step to avoid shorting.

The next step is to choose the perfect mounting place for the light bar. You can mount it on the roof rack, bumper, grille, or other locations. Remember to choose the area that can hold your light bar steady while offroading and is safe for drilling.

9610A9610A Super Bright Super Slim Offroad Light Bar (2)

Then you need to measure the light bars & the mounting place and made the marks for your light bar brackets. After all this, you can drill the hole to wait for the light bar installation.


3. Install the light bar

Before installing the light bar, it's much easier to mount the bracket first. The brackets included in our package are usually L-shaped and the long arm should face up.

229631T Truck Led Driving Light Bar

Then you can mount your LED light bar onto the brackets with a nut and bolt to ensure safety and steadiness. Remember to screw the bolts loosely cause you'll adjust the angle and test the light many times later.



4. Wire up the light bar

If you've bought the wiring harness for the light bar, it typically contains a switch, a power relay, a blade fuse holder, positive and negative battery leads, and a pair of connector wires for the light bar.

5_SXSEBCLMQKPRFO9_XR4_C_grandeled light bar wiring diagram

To start with, disconnect the switch from the main harness, find your way through the firewall and get the switch to the dashboard. Once the switch is set up in place, you can reconnect it to the wiring harness.

Next, you need to find the place for the replay and the cables. Position the relay anywhere near the battery and on the firewall. Mount the red positive cable to the red terminal of the battery and ground the black negative cable by attaching it to the chassis. Keep in mind that don't put the wires close to the high-heat zones.

Finally, wire up the light bar--red to red, black to black and the whole wiring is complete.



5. Test the light bar to get the perfect light performance

The last but not least step is to test the light bar. Adjust the light bar to find the perfect angle. Tightening the bolts you've left loosely before and turn on the lights to get the ideal light performance.

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If you follow the clear steps above, you can mount your LED light bar effortlessly. All you need to consider now is where to get a perfect LED light bar. Jiuguang offers the best LED light bars with advanced LED chips and high-quality build at reasonable prices. You can simply shop it here:

laser light bar companylaser light bar company

We offer 5-star service for our products and delivery. Our lights are all applied with shock-absorbing packaging, including built-in safety foam to absorb shock and 360-degree protection of the lights to avoid violent express delivery.

Meanwhile, we also provide customization services to help build your brand influence. You can offer a logo or a complete packaging solution, and we provide this kind of personalized customization.

If you have any problems with our products or the installation, feel free to contact us.

led light bars vehicles of-road automotive lighting


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