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How do I need to maintain my lights?

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How do I need to maintain my lights?

The light is an important component of the automobile accident, its most basic function is lighting and safety, which plays an extremely important role in the process of vehicle safe driving. Headlights can be divided into headlights, rear lights, steering lights, license plate lights and so on. A considerable part of the traffic accidents are caused by lack of sight, which shows that the maintenance of the lights is very important.


Daily maintenance of lights need to pay attention to other wise accidents

Some things to be aware of for lamp maintenance.

Note one: Eliminate poor quality bulbs.

The quality of the bulb is important because it affects the effect of night lighting and the safety of driving. And high-quality headlight bulbs, is a strong guarantee of safe driving.

Note two: do a good job of daily maintenance.

Cars need to do a good job of daily maintenance, oil changer filter need to change, brake is good, the same headlight bulb also need to check regularly whether it is intact, also need to be replaced in a timely manner.

Generally speaking, every car driving 50,000 kilometers or 2 years or so, the brightness of the headlight bulb will be reduced, this time need to 4S shop to test, if the light brightness is not enough, it is best to replace the light bulb in time, the best left and right side at the same time to change, in order to maintain brightness unity.

Note 3: Adjust the lights yourself.

Friends who have had annual vehicle inspection know that in the annual inspection, will check the car light beam position is correct, that is to say, to ensure that the car light beam position is correct or not is very important. The correct beam position is a safe ride for a clearer view.

If there is a problem with the lights, there is no need to get 4S shop to solve, this kind of problem can do their own way.

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