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How do you know if the quality of this light is good or bad?

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How do you know if the quality of this headlights is good or bad?

At present, the automotive lighting distribution industry is divided into three major markets, namely, the complete vehicle supporting market, the professional maintenance market, and the auto parts retail market. After years of supervision and spot checks on automobile lamps, the quality of parts used in the whole vehicle production plant is relatively optimistic; the quality of parts and components of the special maintenance department is relatively assured; the quality of the products in the auto parts store is worrying.

Automotive lamps are mainly composed of three parts: light mirrors, mirrors, and car bulbs. The design of the light mirror, the mirror and the rationality of the combination of the two and the bulb filament are the key factors that directly affect the quality of the lighting product.

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Don't just look at the product price

The quality of automotive lamps on the market ranges from a dozen yuan to hundreds of yuan, and the quality is uneven. The price of supporting lamps is basically around tens of yuan, and generally does not circulate in the auto parts market. Consumers should not only pay attention to product prices when purchasing products.

Buy products from well-known manufacturers

The bulbs can be selected from large regular bulb manufacturers such as Philips and Osram. Jiuguang is a good choice, it can be directly shipped from the factory, you can directly obtain the factory price, and you can directly inspect the quality of the products in the factory to ensure the quality of the products.

Carefully check the certificate

In addition to viewing the product's certificate, you can also check the product's manufacturing name, site, phone number, and view the product's implementation standards.

Simple visual inspection

The appearance of automotive lighting products shall be free of defects, smooth hand and no burrs;The bulb should be the bulb of the automobile product specified by the national standard; for the car headlight product, the consumer can check whether the cut-off line of the light shape is clear and tidy when purchasing.

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