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How often does the light bulb change?

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How often does the light bulb change?

Light is a very important component of the car. If there is a lighting problem, it will affect the safe driving problem of the entire vehicle. So, how often does the light bulb change?

The light bulb is a consumable part used in automobiles, so it needs to be replaced in time. So how long does it take to replace the bulb? Some people say that the bulb is broken, it is replaced when it is not bright, and some people say that the bulb is not enough to be replaced.

How often does the light bulb change

So, how long does the light bulb need to be replaced? Far and near lights have to be changed, about to buy a few LED bulbs?

Today we will talk about the halogen lamp low beam, and the replacement time of the halogen high beam.

In general, the halogen bulb in the car can theoretically be used for up to 300 hours. If the vehicle is driven for half an hour every day, the halogen bulb can be used for 2 years, but the brightness of the bulb will gradually decrease during this period. The biggest disadvantage of halogen lamps is that the brightness is weak, and the car owners who have high requirements for lighting can not meet the requirements. The biggest advantage is that the price is cheap and the penetrating power is good.

When replacing, you need one of the left and right lights, and one left and right of the high beam. You can also change only the light or just the high beam. General LED headlights are sold in two sets.

Headlights are generally divided into low beam lights, high beam lights, turn signals, and width lights.

Then after replacing the headlights, many people worry that not the original lamp will cause the lamp holder to easily enter the water.

At present, the JIUGUANG LED headlights are sealed with rust-proof aluminum, and vent holes are reserved in a certain part of the lamp holder. The breathing holes are used to accelerate heat dissipation and avoid water mist and employ an engineered beam pattern design to project light onto the road level at an appropriate angle without fogging.

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