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How to Install LED lighting by yourself?

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When it comes to refitting the headlights, the first reaction is to dismantle the lamp shell or cut the line, and then install a lens or something. In fact, it was as early as OUT! It's 2019, and we're going to add lenses to xenon lamps. Um... Maybe you are an antique lover! Firstly, the lens needs to be disassembled and assembled. If the sealant is not properly applied, the air tightness of the whole lamp assembly will be affected. As a result, water mist often appears in the lamp. I believe you have seen it. In addition, Xenon lamp with stabilizer needs to break down the external connection of the original vehicle circuit. If the construction is not proper, it will affect the stability of the original vehicle circuit. Nowadays, the automotive electronic equipment is more and more complex. If the precise electronic layout and layout of the original vehicle are destroyed, even the hardware failure and damage will occur. So for the friends who want to change the lights, we have a suggestion, that is, to move as little as possible where you can.

With the development of automotive electronic technology, no damage modification has become a trend. Most of the LED lights have been directly replaced by the Jiuguang lighting lights. The power lines are directly inserted without breaking the wires, and do not need to punch holes.

So for the LED lamp, the word "refitting" is inappropriate. It should be more appropriate to use the word "refitting", because it is the same step as changing the lamp at home. Remove the old lamp, replace the new one, and then everything will be OK, bright and white! It's that simple! SO EASY! So 80% of the car owners can actually solve it by themselves! _____________ In addition, there are not enough construction space for other models, such as what is reserved for the dust cover, too small, some bulbs need special buckle, some models need to be equipped with decoders and so on. These must be solved by professional construction personnel.

It's easy to install LED lights.

Now let's make a demonstration of real vehicle installation. This installation takes Jiuguang lighting's latest far series LED lamp products as an example, replacing 2014 halogen low light lamps in the H7 plant. The new Jiuguang lighting LED lamp installation is very simple and convenient, even if the hands-on ability is not strong people can easily install, read the following tutorials do not have to spend manual fees to find a master installation.

Step 1: Before installation, remember to turn off the engine and cut off the power supply. If you have just finished driving, it is necessary to wait for the vehicle to cool down. Open the engine cover on both sides of the lamp position to see two dust caps, one is the far-light, one is the low-light, so pay attention to the location of the lamp before installation.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 15

Step 2: After unscrewing the dust cover of the near-light lamp, you can see that a plug is inserted into the halogen lamp of the original vehicle. The structure is not complicated and should not be difficult to operate.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 14

Step 3: Then pull out the plug and press the spring of the original car, which is used to fix the bulb.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 01

Step 4: After pressing the spring, you can easily take out the original car light bulb.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 02

At this time, the original car halogen lamp was removed. Here we should remind you to avoid touching the lamp beads on the LED in the process of changing the lamp, because people have dust and temperature, touching the lamp beads easily leads to shorter lamp life. In addition, do not remove the original car lamp immediately after use, because it is very scalded and easy to burn hands.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 03

Step 5: Then separate the chuck on the Jiuguang lighting LED lamp and clamp it in the position of response. Notice that there is a small gap on the chuck. Just make it right. Then press the spring press and fix the chuck.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 04

Step 6: Then insert the lamp into the chuck. At this time, pay attention to the small gap between the chuck and the lamp.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 05

Step seven: after inserting the LED lamp, you need to adjust the direction of the lamp to the right direction, that is, vertical installation. See the schematic diagram below. The principle is to see that the LED luminescence characteristic of the first few periods is "surface luminescence", so the only way to install the LED lamp is the correct light type, otherwise the optical type is not astigmatism. This is very important!!! Many car owners and even installation teachers do not understand, mistaken for product problems, in fact, there is no correct installation caused. In addition, all types of Jiuguang lighting products are 360 degree rotary adjustable chucks, so after the lamp is inserted, the light type can be adjusted by free rotation according to actual needs.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 06

jiuguang Led lighting -install 07

Step 8: The new Jiuguang lighting LED lamp plug is both positive and negative, so as long as the plug is inserted into the lampshade, because this LED headlamp is built-in driver, so no need to install external driver, saving space is a big advantage of integrated drive built-in. Jiuguang lighting uses advanced technology to control the volume of the new LED lamp very small, so you can use the dust cover of the original car to close it, and then change the other side's headlights. The whole process took only 15 minutes.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 08

jiuguang Led lighting -install 09

Additional special tips! Type H4 lamp is designed with three plugs, so special attention should be paid to the installation of type H4 lamp: after installation, things that rotate and adjust to two sides like small ears (shade) must be below, so that the light type is correct!!! Except for H4, other models only need to pay attention to the vertical installation of beads.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 10

After replacing the Jiuguang lighting LED lamp, the headlamp shade is no longer hot like the previous halogen lamp. The former halogen lamp can be lighted for a few minutes to feel the fever, and the effect of the LED lamp is very obvious after installation. Above is the actual installation experience, I believe that all car owners can easily grasp.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 11

Finally, put two contrast photos.

jiuguang Led lighting -install 12

jiuguang Led lighting -install 13

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