How to Restore Car Headlights?

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Why is the surface of the headlight yellow and gray? In fact, it is because there is a layer of anti-uv coating on the surface of the headlight, which will oxidize after a long time. How to do it yourself to clean the headlights? In fact, it is very simple, that is, hang up the oxidized coating, apply a new coating, and follow us to see how to operate.

First, take protective measures, stick tape around the headlights and sand off the UV layer with sandpaper. 

tape protection

Grind with 800CWt sandpaper first, remember to use the palm of your hand.The palm should be flat, and the force should be even;

Sand with 800 grit sandpaper

Continue to polish, add detergent to wipe to achieve no demarcation line at all. Then sand again with 1500CW sandpaper to make the surface of the lamp more delicate; Finally sand with 2000CW. After grinding, clean it with cleaning foam, cover other parts of the car with the matching plastic bag, 

Wear a protective plastic bag

clean with foam

shake the coating for 3-5 minutes, spray a thin and even layer of coating, wait for it to dry and spray the second layer. After 5-10 minutes,though it is not completely dry, remove the masking paper and leave the car for 12 hours. 

If you feel that it is slightly uneven, you can use 3000CW sandpaper to polish it, and finally polish it with polishing paste. If you feel that it is laborious, you can use electric equipment to polish it. The headlights are new and bright again.

Polishing with electric equipment

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