How to Select the Perfect LED Pod Side Shooter

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In the automotive lighting market, many compact lights struggle to deliver — they're often dim, lack lateral illumination, or miss out on essential features like backlighting and modern design. Breaking through these limitations, our latest innovation integrates all these crucial elements into a single, superior driving light. Equipped with advanced German-imported OSRAM P9 LED chips, our products are available in both 3-inch and 4-inch models. Each model is meticulously crafted to address these common flaws, enhancing your driving experience with a blend of brightness, style, and functionality. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the ideal model tailored to your specific needs.

Determine Your Vehicle Type and Usage Needs

Select the model that best fits your vehicle type and the environments you typically drive in:

Off-Road Vehicles and Trucks:

The 4-inch model is perfect for rugged terrains, providing powerful illumination with its wide beam that effectively lights up vast open spaces.

Motorcycles and Small Vehicles:

The compact 3-inch model is ideal for smaller installation spaces, offering ample light for city driving and suburban roads.

driving light side shooter

Assess Your Driving Environment

The conditions you drive in can significantly influence your choice of LED pod:

Urban and Rural Roads:

Despite its size, the smaller pod delivers a 270-degree wide-angle and focused beam, making it exceptionally suited for lighting spacious boulevards.

Adverse Weather Conditions:

The amber backlight enhances visibility in fog, rain, or snow. Dual-color DRL functionality boosts safety and complies with traffic regulations, with the white light serving as a daytime running light and the amber light as a position light, turn signal, or warning light.

Determine Installation Location and Available Space

Choosing the right installation location is crucial for achieving the best functionality and performance:

Front Bumper:

We recommend the 4-inch model for the front bumper, where its broader beam and higher lumens output provide extensive forward visibility, crucial for illuminating long stretches of road or trail.


The 4-inch model installed on the roof enhances overhead lighting and widens the illuminated area, perfect for spotting wildlife or other hazards in remote locations.

Side of the Vehicle:

The 3-inch model is more suitable for vehicles needing side illumination. Its compact size and 270° wide-angle beam efficiently cover a broad lateral area, enhancing safety during turns or lane changes.

3 inch led pods

Evaluate Key Features-Important features to consider include:

Advanced LED Technology:

The OSRAM P9 chips ensure outstanding performance and reliability, boosting efficiency and longevity.

Beam Coverage:

The 4-inch model illuminates up to 400 meters ahead, while the 3-inch model covers a substantial 300 meters, both providing a wide 270° angle for extensive area coverage.

pods led

Match a light to both your aesthetic preferences and budget:

Design Aesthetics:

Our LED pods feature robust, angular housings available in a variety of colors. Customize your setup to enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of your vehicle, allowing it to stand out with a personalized touch.

Value for Money:

Evaluate the features and costs of each model to determine the best investment for your driving needs. Also, look forward to the upcoming RGB DRL version for even greater customization.


The decision between the 3-inch and 4-inch models of our 60W Cube LED Pod Side Shooter should be guided by your specific vehicle requirements, installation space, and the typical driving conditions you encounter. By leveraging the superior technology of the OSRAM P9 LED chips and considering the dual-color DRL functionality, you can significantly enhance your driving experience, ensuring optimal visibility and safety under various conditions. Make a wise choice to not only illuminate your path but also drive with confidence and style.

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