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How to adjust the lights to the right position?

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How to adjust the lights to the right position?

It is the best policy to adjust the headlights yourself, so it is impossible to adjust according to the standard data. How do you judge? For how to judge the upper limit position of the low beam, here I will introduce you to the experience:

jiuguang adjust the light position

People use the standard: First, we can use people to make the ruler. For example, a person with a height of about 1.8 meters stands at the front of the car for 2-3 meters. The light is in the middle of the thigh. If it shines to the waist, it will be too high. Of course, everyone's height and leg ratio are different, so this can only be a rough standard.

Use the vehicle in front to make the ruler: We can observe the situation of the vehicle before the driving. Let the vehicle be located behind the car and observe the position of the tangential line of the low beam. Make sure that the headlights will not shine on the rear windshield of the front car at any distance. Otherwise, it will affect the driving safety of the preceding car at night. Misunderstanding of the car in front of it is a long-distance light, which is resentful. The lower limit position of the low beam should not be too particular, so that the road surface about 20 meters ahead can be seen.

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