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How to choose a good led headlight bulb?

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Led headlight bulb mainly include: the fan led headlight bulb, the fanless led headlight bulb, the truck led headlight bulb, the projector led headlight bulb, the multi-color led headlight bulb, etc.

How to choose a good led headlight bulb? Here are some criteria for choosing a good led headlight bulb.


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l What are the criteria for choosing led headlight bulb?


What are the criteria for choosing led headlight bulb?


The important thing of led headlight bulb is brightness, light type, color temperature, heat dissipation, brightness, determined by the lamp bead, good lamp bead to ensure light efficiency, lumen high, brightness will be good, so the quality of the lamp bead is very important. Here are some standards for the good led headlight bulb:


1 Light type: simply refers to the Angle and shape of the car headlights. 

A good light type of the led headlight bulb separates the light and dark areas to help identify the right side of the road, but does not reach the driver's eyes.


2 Color temperature: color temperature of the led headlight bulb is a physical quantity used to define the color of light source in lighting optics of the led headlight bulb. It refers to the color change experienced by human eyes under different energy of light wave, and refers to the color of light. This is seen directly from the parameter box. The bluer the color of led headlight bulb, the higher the color temperature; Red is the lower the color temperature. 3000K yellow light, strong penetration; 4300K white medium yellow, the brightness penetration is balanced; 5000K light all white, is the highest color temperature in European regulations; 6000K light is all white with a bluish tinge; 7000K white obviously bluish; More than 8000K blue light. Therefore, it is more suitable to choose led headlight bulb with a color temperature between 4300K and 6000K, which gives consideration to both brightness and penetration. Not only can meet the night driving lighting needs, but also need not worry about rain and fog weather light penetration problem.


3 The heat dissipation ability of the lamp: the heat dissipation of the led headlight bulb determines the life of the led headlight bulb. After the led headlight bulb source is energized, about 35% of the electric energy is converted into light energy, the rest into heat energy.


Led headlight bulb refers to the use of LED (light-emitting diode) as the light source of the car light. Because of their high brightness, rich color variety, low power consumption and long life, LEDs are widely used in the automotive field.Operating since 2008 with over 20 years’ experience in the Auto lighting industry, as Jiuguang Lighting, who have been producing different LED lights for Vehicle, such as  waterproof laser driving lights, 3 inch laser driving lights, waterproof laser driving lights, laser driving lights for Cars, jeep laser driving lights, etc. Jiuguang lighting commits to provide good service for our every cooperative partner in every areas.


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