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How to choose a good led light bar?

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With the advancement of technology, car lights are also updated. To pursue brightness or for driving safety, car owners will choose to install new high-quality lights. Good quality led light bar has become the choice of many car owners due to its superior performance and energy saving. This article will teach you how to buy a good led light bar among many products and help you buy a satisfactory led light bar. Let's start learning these points now.

led light barsled light bar applications

  • Understand the manufacturing technology and performance of the led light bar.

  • Excellent led light bar manufacturer is the guarantee of product quality.

  • Choose a led light bar with quality certification.

  • Professional pre-sale service and perfect after-sales service provide a good shopping experience.

  • A mature global express chain can ensure that the led light bar is delivered intact.

1. Understand the manufacturing technology and performance of the led light bar.

We all know that understanding a led light bar is a prerequisite for purchase. You should choose the right led light bar according to your needs. You can consider it from the perspectives of beam pattern, chip, and service life.

Choosing a beam pattern is fun, and arguably so, one of the biggest features considered when purchasing an LED light bar. There are three choices to choose from: a spot beam pattern, a flood beam pattern, a combination beam pattern.

Spot beam pattern has a bright, concentrated beam of light that shines long distances. The light is focused on the road or path, without the ditch coverage of the floodlight bars. A flood beam pattern disperses light in a wide, flat pattern. You'll get more side-to-side coverage with floodlights, and less distance coverage. combination beam pattern features the best of both spot and flood. The outer sections of light flood for ditch coverage, while the inner sections of the light bar are more focused and shine long distances.  

led light bar light range

led light bar light min range

For example,the laser led light bar L9611 and L9620,owing to the laser chip, have highspeed spotlighting, and the paving effect is also excellent.9631T,9627,9610B,9610L throw the combination beam pattern, they feature the best of both spot and flood ,and have the advantages of long irradiation distance, good paving effect, and higher safety,When it comes to choosing the beam pattern of your LED light bar, Jiuguang offers you more than one choice.

led light bar light usageled light bar light construction

led light bar light structure

The LED chips located in a LED light bar are important because they will dictate the manufacturer's quality level. Jiuguang's led light bar adopts imported LED chips, with higher brightness and stronger stability. For example, ,JG-ZS using high-quality OSRAM P8 chips, which can emit up to 120lm per watt. The 9620A uses a CREE XBD LED chip with high power of 3W, which has the advantages of high brightness, low attenuation, low energy consumption, light color, good consistency, strong antistatic ability, and long service life. Jiuguang's led light bar has IP68 performance, its lumen output is 30%-40% higher than other products, and its service life is up to 50,000 hours.

led light bar light instructionled light bar light comparison

2.Excellent led light bar manufacturer is the guarantee of product quality.

If you want your LED light bar purchasing process to be as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, then you will want to purchase a light bar from a trusted and reliable company. Jiuguang’s production workshop is dust-free SMT, which provides a superior production environment for the production of led light bars. Jiuguang holds advanced technology and is a top automotive lighting manufacturer in China, capable of providing customers with high-quality and sufficient number of led light bars. Jiuguang's products are widely used in Jeep, ATU/UTV, RV, SUV, TRACK, and other different models.

led light bar light productionled light bar light manufacture

3. Choose a led light bar with quality certification.

Many companies sell LED light bar, but the safety and quality standards may not be clear in the industry. If you want to obtain the highest quality standards available for LED light bars, then you need to ensure that the products you choose have been certified for quality. Strict quality standards and continuous testing are the foundation of Jiuguang's product development. Each LED model has been tested and adjusted to ensure the durability, safety, and effectiveness of the lamp. Jiuguang's light bar has passed the quality certification, which can ensure that you can shop with confidence.

For example,L9620 maximizes safety and has passed the international FDA certification. The laser emitted complies with safety regulations and will not cause any damage to human eyes. You can safely use the laser to drive on the road.

led light bar light detailled light bar light certifications

4.Professional pre-sale service and perfect after-sales service provide a good shopping experience.

For non-professionals, it is not easy to choose the most suitable led light bar for you in a short time. Professional pre-sale service will provide you with effective help.

Jiuguang provides online and offline factory tour services. Jiuguang welcomes customers to visit the factory and lets customers understand its LED light bar intuitively. Jiuguang is confident that it can meet the needs of visiting customers. The online tour is based on the wireless video, and if you are abroad, you can also visit the factory in all directions. The staff of Jiguang will enthusiastically introduce you to the led light bar in detail and can provide you with 24-hour technical service support.

  After-sales service is also one of the factors that customers consider when choosing to buy led strips. To avoid customers worrying that there will be problems that people cannot solve after purchasing the goods. Jiuguang provides free warranty service within two years after purchasing the product and provides 24-hour hotline service to solve your problems at any time.

led light bar light advantages


5. A mature global express chain can ensure that the led light bar is delivered intact.

I know that overseas customers will worry about the transportation of led light bars. Jiuguang maintains long-term and stable cooperation with all international logistics companies and can deliver you a good led light bar within the specified time. Jiuguang has experience in cooperating with overseas customers. Jiuguang's products have been exported to 78 countries in the world, and are well received.

led light bar light review

Adding an LED light bar to your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to improve its capabilities, to add a new degree of safety and usefulness to your everyday truck or off-roader. We hope that this guide has given you the information you need in your search for the perfect model. Jiuguang is an experienced and technologically advanced manufacturer that can provide you with high-quality LED strips and Led headlight. Welcome to contact us.

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