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How to clean the led light bar?

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It's no secret how useful led light bar are. Led light bar don't keep clean all the time, and when we use tit for a long time, the lens of the light bar will appear blurred. In some cases, it may even develop a wax yellow color. This yellowish color is caused by calcium buildup on the lens due to continuous use of the light pole. While calcium buildup is nearly impossible to prevent, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't get rid of it. Simple cleaning can improve production efficiency and long-time use. These are the basic steps to effectively clean the led light bar.


Here is the content list:

l Material preparation

l Soak the led light bar

l Wipe the led light bar

l Rinse and dry the led light bar


Material preparation

First, all you need is a mild detergent (such as a light detergent or soap mixture), a soft cleaning cloth or sponge and running water. Before you embark on this particular task, you must consult your LED Stick User's Manual to see if there are any specific instructions. Check to see if there is special cleaning equipment, and the relevant matters needing attention. If you don't find anything unusual, follow these steps:


Soak the led light bar

Soak your led light bar slowly and gently with running water. This is a vital step to enable you to remove any dirt, mud, or dust. You must cover the outside of your led light bar. Make sure the pressure of the water you use is set to moderately mild, as you don't want to scratch the plastic shell of your lamp post.


If your led light bar has hard soil that won't fall off easily, make sure you soak it in water so it will be softer and more pliable. Pick up your rag or sponge and gently press it down and rub it off. Again, it is important that you only apply light pressure to it so that the equipment does not damage.


Wipe the led light bar

Wipe the led light bar with soap and a soft cloth or sponge. This is an essential part of the cleaning process as the water is not sufficient to remove dirt from the equipment. Soap can also improve the performance of your light bar by making the plastic shell of your light bar look cleaner and clearer.


It is important to note that you must not choose soaps or detergents that contain petroleum, solvents or glass cleaners, as this may affect the quality of the plastic mask. We should treat it as gently as if it were our own child.


Rinse and dry the led light bar

When you rinse the soap, use the same gentle water pressure. After that, simply wipe off any excess water to eliminate the chance for water spots to form. We must carefully wipe the moisture on the light bar because it will directly affect the service life of it. After finishing this process, we're done with the cleanup!


Keeping the lens clean and scratch-free will optimize the performance of the light. Clean the outside of the lenses with mild soapy water or household glass cleaner and a soft cotton cloth to remove dirt, grime and insects. To prevent serious calcium buildup in the future, keep the led light bar clean and maintained.

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