How to disassemble the laser light bar?

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Long-distance off-roading often faces many harsh environments like deserts and jungles. At this time, the manufacturing car lights can hardly guarantee your safety. Therefore, as soon as the laser light appeared, it was welcomed by many off-road vehicle owners.

The reason why the laser light is so popular is that it has excellent light performance and unsurpassed quality. 

laser light bar

Our newly designed laser light bars feature highly efficient laser chips and Osram LEDs that unleash stunning lights from 8000-29000 lumens in a combination beam pattern. With the unique design and deep reflector cup, illumination distance up to 1122m at 1 LUX, greatly extend the lighting range, with strong penetrating power, and it is safe to drive at high speed in the dark.

laser light bar

Before buying a laser light bar, you must know how to install and remove it and the precautions. I'll explain the detail in the next.


1. Sizes and Application

Our laser light bar comes in 5 sizes vary from 14 inches to 50 inches. It applies to all 9-32v vehicles and devices and can fit different Off-Road, Truck, Jeep, Heavy Duty, SUV, ATV, UTV, Car, Boat, Motorcycle, etc.

laser light bar

2. Assemble and disassemble essentials

Our laser light bar boasts a tough housing equipped with a premium convex polycarbonate lens and a 306 stainless steel mount. The screws and tools for installing the bracket will be in the package. But please note that the DT connector needs to be purchased separately. It is a must for connecting the light and the car.


3. How to assemble and disassemble

First of all, there is the main problem that worried most car owners: will installing or removing laser light bars affect the car's original lighting circuit?

The answer is no. The laser light bars all apply independent circuits and are controlled by independent switches, so the original lighting circuit of the car will not be affected.

After solving the above problem, you can safely assemble your laser driving lights.

The assembly process is a breeze. First, you need to tighten the screws to mount the bracket and connect the DT connector to the light. Then you only need to connect the light to the car to complete the work.

The disassembly process is easy as well. Loosen the tightened screws and disassemble the wires connected to the lights, you'll finish the work quickly.

Although simple, to avoid accidents and damage to your car, please assemble it and disassemble it carefully. You can also ask professionals to help you

laser light bar

4. Precautions & Suggestions

Though the procedures are simple there are some precautions. The first step to disassemble the laser light bars--you need to turn off the vehicle and wait for a while. If your laser light bars have been used just now, it can be super hot. You can't touch them with your hands directly, otherwise, your hands may get burned. After the laser light bar has cooled down, you can proceed to disassembly.

Besides, I suggest avoiding using the laser lights line and the original car lighting line together. You have to lay the light wire separately and wrap it with a casing so that the laser light bars can perform their capabilities. I recommend using the laser light bars switch independently and avoiding using it with the original car switch. It is best to use a plug connection between the laser driving lights and the light line to facilitate your repair and maintenance of the laser driving lights. It also becomes very convenient to remove the laser light cars anytime.

 laser light bars

The above is all the content of this article. I hope it can help you have a better understanding of our laser light bars. We are an experienced manufacturer, sold at home and abroad, and can provide you with high-quality products, such as laser light bars, Led headlight, Led Driving Light  the off-road laser driving lights. Welcome to contact us.

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