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How to disassemble the led light bar?

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If you want to disassemble the led light bar, you need to turn off the engine for more than 5 minutes, remove the key and wait for the engine to cool down completely, and then open the hood to avoid scalding yourself. After opening the engine compartment cover, you can see the dust cover behind the led light bar assembly. The dust cover is mostly made of rubber, which can be directly screwed down along the screw direction (some models can be directly pulled down). It doesn't take much effort. Then you can see the bulb base in the led light bar assembly. Hold the steel wire clip beside the base, and take out the bulb after the clip is released It's too late.


Here is the content list:

l Preparation

l Unplug the power socket

l Take out the led light



After opening the hood, you can see the led light bar assembly. To disconnect the line connector of automobile led light bar, remove the fixing screw of automobile led light bar assembly with sleeve, and finally remove the fixing screw to take out automobile led light bar assembly. After the led light bar assembly is removed, it must be handled with care to prevent scratching the light bar.


Unplug the power socket

When removing the led light bar, the first thing is to confirm the light bar plug of the car. Pull out the power socket of the light bar. When pulling out the power socket of it, the force should be moderate to avoid loosening the socket wiring or damaging the led light bar plug.


Remove the waterproof cover

After unplugging the power connector, take off the waterproof cover behind the led light bar. The waterproof cover of the light bar is mostly made of soft rubber. Some models are also equipped with the waterproof cover made of soft plastic. It doesn't make any difference. Just use a little force, you can see that the waterproof cover is broken off.



Disassembling the led light bar is both simple and complex. The key is to have enough patience. If conditions permit, we can call the manufacturer of led light bar to ask if they can provide us with professional dismantling service by skilled workers. Generally speaking, this kind of light warranty time is relatively long.

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