How to install led headlight bulb

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While you are driving your car at night, the most important thing is that you must be in a position to see every object in front of you. This is dependent upon the illumination capacity of the headlight of your car. The more illumination, the safer and easier your driving will be.Generally, the car lights are halogen lamps, which are short service life and the brightness is not highput, so some drivers will usually upgrade it to led headlight bulbs.  Before that, you must know how to install LED headlight bulbs.

If you decide to do it yourself, the following are the steps, which if you follow strictly, you will have a perfect installation and best result.

Step 1: Find the right sized-bulb for the job. Make sure to buy an LED bulb that is an exact fit to the headlights in your vehicle. The bulb classification will depend on the make and model of your car. Typical headlight fitments will include H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HB3, and HB4. Take note that these headlight fitments are not interchangeable. For example, while an H3 and H4 bulb might have the same light output, you won’t be able to fit an H3 bulb in an H4 socket and vice-versa.

 Step 2: Remove the old halogen bulbs. If you’re not familiar with this, the usual procedure is as follows:

1) Before installation, don't forget to turn off the engine and cut off the power supply. If you have just finished driving, you must wait for the vehicle to cool down, open the hood and pay attention to the position of the light bulb Disconnect the power socket from the bulb.

2) Pull out the rubber-coated cover to protect the headlamp housing from moisture. Then pull out the plug and press down on the spring of the original car used to fix the bulb.

3) Unhook the spring that secures the bulb in the housing and remove the bulb carefully.

After removing the old halogen lamp, pay attention to avoid touching the lamp beads on the LED during the process of replacing the bulb. Touching the lamp beads can easily shorten the life of the bulb. In addition, do not remove the original car light immediately after the flame is turned off, because it is very hot and easily burns your hands.

Step3:Then separate the chuck on the Jiuguang LED lamp, and clamp it in the corresponding position, and then press the spring to fix the chuck. Finally, insert the lamp into the lamp panel. Don’t forget power on to test whether it is damaged and tighten the dust cover. In truth, this should only be a simple plug-and-play procedure. If you bought the right set of LED bulbs, powering the unit is simply plugging in the socket to the factory wiring in your vehicle.

Pay special attention! H4 bulbs are designed with three plugs, so special attention should be paid to the installation of H4 bulbs: after installation, it must be rotated below and adjusted to both sides to ensure that the lighting type is correct. Except for H4, other models only need to pay attention Magnetic beads installed vertically.

If you need to install an LED headlight bulb, you may want to review this article and install it. Jiuguang has a complete laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is primarily dedicated to research and development, focusing primarily on research and development, and has conducted product testing in nearly 15 different factories. The LED Headlight Bulb purchased by Jiuguang will make your installation no longer a difficult matter.

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