How to judge waterproof IP68 of driving spotlight 4x4?

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1.What is IP68?

IP68, in a nutshell, signifies ultimate waterproof protection. This rating, where "IP" stands for "Ingress Protection," and "68" represents the level of protection, means that a device is entirely impervious to dust and can withstand being submerged in water beyond 1 meter deep for an extended period without any adverse effects.

2.What's the production process to guarantee the IP68?

2.1. Integrated mold opening for driving spotlights

The process commences with the integrated mold opening, fashioning a rugged, waterproof housing that ensures durability.

2.2. Plasma dispensing

Plasma dispensing acts as a secret weapon, enhancing waterproofing effectiveness. By using plasma to clean the surface and promote better material adhesion, this process guards against water infiltration problems that can arise from adhesive aging during prolonged use.Furthermore, plasma cleaning is not only simple and safe but also environmentally friendly.


2.3. Underwater 3m immersion test for 6 hours

We put our 9 inch spotlights to the test with an intensive underwater immersion trial, submerging them up to 3 meters deep for a continuous 6-hour examination. This rigorous assessment ensures that our 9 inch led spot light not only shine brightly on solid ground but also prove their worth in challenging underwater conditions. With our driving light led 9 inch, you're equipped to conquer any environment.

2.4. Nitrogen filling test, air tightness test

The nitrogen filling test involves injecting nitrogen into the product to increase internal pressure, simulating usage in various atmospheric conditions. This process helps assess the product's sealing integrity, ensuring it can withstand water intrusion. Our company subjects its 9 inch driving lights to a nitrogen injection test at 3.2 kilopascals, which is equivalent to withstanding approximately 32 meters of water depth. This test highlights the exceptional waterproof performance of our 9 inch driving lights.

3.What's the lights get the IP68 waterproof level at 7 inch and 9 inch?

Our latest flagship products in automotive lighting, the D065 and D090-C, shine with exceptional features. 



The D065 not only delivers a super-bright 10850LM illumination through a combo beam but also achieves a genuine IP68 rating thanks to our advanced plasma gel sealing technology.



the D090-C boasts an impressive 16600LM super-bright output, and its CAE optimized heatsink ensures superior thermal dynamics, maximizing light output while extending LED lifespan. Not only does this light offer these features, but it also sets itself apart in the market with its outstanding IP68 waterproof rating, putting an end to waterproofing worries.



For a classic best-seller, consider our D070 , featuring spot beams (30-degree) for intensified long-distance lighting and boasting an IP68 waterproof rating.

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