How to replace the original headlights with H4 projector?

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1.Find the replacement position of the headlightbulb, remove the dust cover, shake it up and down, left and right to remove the plug.

remove the plug

2.The light bulb is fixed by the circlip, press the circlip in the middle, open the circlip, and remove the original light bulb.

Remove the original bulb

3.Then rotate and remove the fan at the bottom of the H4 projector, install the LED lens, align the three card points of the LED light with the original car, install it into the assembly, and press down to fix the circlip.

Rotate to remove the electric fan

Align the mount lens

4.The LED light driver is inserted into the gap of the assembly, which requires a little patience. The wiring is also inserted into the gap. Keep the bulb plug and the original car plug. Install the bulb fan and rotate it to the tightest. 

5. Connect the original car plug and fix the plug in the side gap.

Docking the original car plug

Dust cover fixed

Here we recommend a 3 Color Right/Left Hand Drive H4 Mini Projector JG-Y7S, which supports switching between left and right driving, the lumen value can reach 8000lm, and the cutting line is obvious.

3 Color RightLeft Hand Drive H4 Mini Projector JG-Y7S

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