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How to solve the problem of fogging inside the headlights ?

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As far as the overall structure of headlamp is concerned, whether it is a general halogen headlamp, xenon headlamp, or headlamp with LED lamp group, there is a ventilated rubber tube in the back cover position. At the moment when the headlamp is lit, even when the headlamp is in use, a lot of heat will be generated. The function of the ventilated tube is to discharge these heat as far as possible outside the headlamp to maintain the normal working temperature of the headlamp. Keep the headlights stable.

How to solve the problem of fogging inside the headlights

Reasons for Fogging of Headlights

Water in the air enters the headlamp through the ventilation tube and attaches to the lampshade. With the accumulation of water vapor, water droplets flow down the lampshade. This situation is mostly caused by large temperature differences, which are most likely to occur in winter and rainy season. After a certain period of time, the fog will be discharged out of the lamp through the ventilator with the hot air, which will not damage the headlamp and electrical circuit. In this case, the driver friend should not act rashly, for example, never bake the headlamp, if the operation is not proper, it is easy to damage the headlamp.

In addition to weather changes, human factors can also make car lights become "tear eyes", such as wading in water, car washing and so on. When vehicles wade in water, because the engine and exhaust system are relatively large heat sources, rainwater will form a large amount of water vapor on it, along the ventilation pipe, part of the water vapor will enter the headlight.

Car washing is more direct, and some car owners like to use high-pressure water guns to wash the engine compartment. After flushing, the accumulated water in the engine compartment is not treated in time. When the engine compartment cover is closed, the water vapor can not be emitted out of the car quickly. The water vapor trapped in the engine compartment may enter the headlight.

How to distinguish between water inflow and fog?

Usually, many people are not very clear about how to distinguish the headlights from water or fog, often see a drop of water is considered to be water. In fact, there is a way to make a preliminary judgment about whether the headlight is in water or fogging, that is, to look at the traces of water flow.

We know that when the headlight enters water, it usually enters water from the top of the headlamp and then flows under the headlamp. This will form obvious water flow traces, similar to waterfalls. Even if the water is dry, there will be some traces in it, just like snails on the road.


How to solve it?

If you see that the headlight is only below the formation of water vapor and above it is very clean, then generally belongs to the normal situation of fogging, it is suggested that you can often turn on the headlamp, through the light to dry the water vapor inside, generally normal use can be dispersed about a week. (You can also idle in place for a long time to turn on the headlight or connect the charger and turn on the headlight)

For cleaning work in engine compartment, cloth should be used to wipe or use high-pressure air blowing, as far as possible to avoid "damp" in engine parts.

If the water accumulation inside the headlamp is serious, it should be disassembled, and the lamp shade should be opened. After drying, the surface of the headlamp should be checked for damage or possible leakage. If no abnormality is found, it is recommended to replace the sealing strip and ventilation pipe of the back cover of the headlight.

In order to prevent the bulb from being damaged by the humidity of the headlight, it is necessary to choose the Led bulb with high dust-proof and water-proof coefficient,Jiuguang lighting specializes in providing motorcycles and car lights for 20 years. Our bulb dust-proof and waterproof level can reach IP68 (6 dust density completely prevents foreign things from intruding and dust from intruding, 8 means to prevent water intruding when sinking, product sinking indefinitely under the condition of specified water pressure, can ensure that no damage caused by water inflow)

Please check this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXswchVKcv0

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