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Is the led light really good?

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Is the led light really good?

The headlights of a car are of paramount importance to driving safety. At present, the car headlights on the market are mainly halogen, xenon, LED three light sources can be selected, three in the brightness, color temperature, penetration there are obvious differences, today we will analyze, what kind of lighting safety is best.  

Is the led light really good

Brightness refers to the light intensity, this aspect of xenon, LED headlights than halogen lamps have a significant advantage, driving on a clear night, the brightness of the front two is significantly better than halogen lamps, if coupled with a higher level of adaptive headlights, follow-up steering and other functions, take care of the field of vision blind area, lighting effect is better.  

As for xenon lamp LED lights, brightness is not too different, according to the demand can be achieved very high brightness and irradiation distance, but the life of LED lamp and power consumption than xenon lamp has a clear advantage.  

Color temperature is said to be the light color warm color (such as tungsten bulb), or cold color (such as daylight), because of the relationship between the light characteristics, halogen lamp color temperature is generally around 4000K, the light is yellow. In the face of fog, this light through the air dust and water vapor reflection can be a large area of the eye-catching yellow, passers-by, friends have a higher degree of recognition.  

And xenon headlights, especially the modification shop magic to change the blind xenon headlights, color temperature can often reach 6000K, high-color temperature xenon lamp white, the effect of exposure to fog and the sun light, just let the fog become whiter, nature is not good to recognize.  

Speaking of this, everyone should be able to understand that the so-called foggy penetration is not how far the light can shine, but whether the light can be effectively identified, in fact, traffic lights are also this idea, because these three colors, whether it is gray, white or black paint environment, are like a little green in the flowers, even if the brightness is not high is very eye-catching. After all, in foggy weather, the purpose of turning on the lights is not only to let you see others, but more importantly to let others see you.  

The most secure LED headlight set should have both high-color temperature white cool light and low-color temperature yellow warm light, this is the correct posture to deal with foggy weather.  

High brightness, long life, low power consumption, color change, LED light source is undoubtedly the trend of the future car headlights, but the current national policy, auto manufacturers in this regard is not enough attention, fog lights, daylights of the regulatory requirements are relatively loose, resulting in the upgrading of lighting systems is relatively slow, and even many low-cost cars also castrated the lighting configuration, Severely impaired driving safety.  

Among the family cars below 100,000, can be equipped with a full LED light group of products, Santana, Jetta, Koworth and other sales of long-term high, but basically are halogen lamps, some low-matching cars even spotlight lens is not. In the joint venture car market, the fully equipped LED light group to more than 120,000 high-equipped cars can be seen. Buick Yinglang, for example, its top match also uses an integrated long-range LED light set, but the inside of the high beam or steering light is still a traditional halogen light source, Volkswagen Langyi, Nissan Xuanyi and other popular models are also the same.  

Complex and variable driving environment on the car lighting effect, warning effect put forward higher requirements, traditional halogen lamps and xenon lamps because of the brightness, color temperature limitations have gradually failed to meet the requirements of safe driving, and LED light source brightness is high, long life, low power consumption, at the same time can be color temperature coverage from 3000-7000K in the vast range, Whether it's dark nights or thick fog, you can adjust the most balanced and suitable lighting effect to protect safe travel in all directions. From this point of view, equipped with full LED light source of the family car will undoubtedly become an important trend in the future use of vehicle lighting.

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