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Is your light bright enough?

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Is your light bright enough?

Lighting systems are as important as the eyes, and in addition to directly affecting the shape design, they also have the necessary functionality. Imagine that a person's poor eyesight can affect daily life. And if the lighting system of the car is not satisfactory, it will directly affect the safety of the car.

Is your light bright enough

Is the light source determining performance?

In order to facilitate the driving of cars, to ensure the safety of driving, the car is equipped with a variety of lighting and signal equipment, these devices constitute a separate circuit system in the automobile electrical equipment. The fact that there are 15 to 25 external lights and more than 40 internal lights on general lying scars also illustrates the important role of the system in modern cars. Lighting systems are mainly made up of lamps, power supplies and control circuits, and we are talking about headlights that many people are more concerned about this time. Headlight assembly is one of the important components to ensure the safe operation of the car, the farther the light distance of the headlights, the better the light characteristics, the higher the safety performance of the car. With the development of automobile technology, the headlights of cars have also changed and improved greatly.

At present, the mainstream types are halogen, xenon and LED three. The halogen headlights commonly used in automobiles are an upgraded version of incandescent lamps, with halogen elements added to produce chemical reactions with tungsten filaments. From the effect, halogen headlights due to low color temperature, so cause the light color warm yellow, night headlights yellowing vehicles out of ten or nine are equipped with halogen headlights models. Halogen lamps are low-cost, fast to turn on, uniform light, and strong penetration in rain and fog. However, the service life is short, the luminous efficiency is low, so generally used in the positioning is relatively low or the entry configuration of the model.

Xenon lamp breaks the principle of tungsten silk luminescence, replacing the traditional filament in the quartz lamp tube by filling in high-pressure inert gas, stimulates xenon light through the stabilizer with 23,000 volts high-voltage current, forming a white arc between the poles. Compared to halogen bulbs, xenon bulbs have a higher light intensity and consume only two-thirds of the energy consumption of halogens. On the other hand, the use of nearly the same light color as daylight, can create better visual conditions for the driver, and longer life. However, due to the white light, so in the rain and snow weather penetration is weak, start-up time is relatively long.

LED lamps and xenon lamp light-emitting principle is different, xenon lamp is the use of xenon discharge light, AND LED, etc. using light-emitting diode light.com. Using solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material, the photon emission is caused by the composite of carrier sons and directly illuminated. LED components are simple in structure, good impact resistance, and can adapt well to various environments. Not only is the luminous efficiency high, the energy consumption is lower than that of the former, considering the frequency of use of light, basically in the design life of the vehicle, LED components do not need to be replaced. In addition, higher response times are available compared to xenon and halogen headlights, and better protection for driving safety. However, the requirements for heat dissipation are very high, at the same time high cost, maintenance difficulties. As for the laser headlights, here will not expand to elaborate, according to the current speed of the car and speed limit related regulations, LED headlights have been able to fully meet the needs of our daily use of vehicles.

LED light sources are ideal, but because of their high cost, they are usually only available on higher-grade or high-profile models and are often an optional option for purchase. Halogen headlights are generally assembled on more economical models, and lighting in non-rainy and foggy weather is often not ideal. Although the lighting effect needs to see the specific light source match on the specific model, but here is recommended that you have the conditions, try to buy a car when you choose xenon headlights or LED headlights.

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