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Jiuguang headlights make it easier to change lights

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JIUGUANG headlights make it easier to change lights

1. High brightness and long service life: At present, the LED module used in the car can reach 50,000 hours, while the life of the halogen lamp is only 500 hours. The brightness is not good enough to experience the effect. Ordinary halogen headlamps have 800 lumens, and LED headlamps have a brightness of 3000-4000 lumens. Brightness can be increased by 300 times, ten years, save trouble!

2. Energy saving: the original car halogen bulb is 55W, and the general-purpose energy LED is only 20-40W. The same LED light on the car consumes 1/3 of the halogen lamp, which is the absolute advantage of saving electricity and fuel.

car Led headlight

3. Convenient installation: The LED light is plug and play, which can be installed at home without replacing the circuit and disconnecting, saving a lot of installation costs. Save time, labor and money. It also saves all kinds of concerns about the car after other disassembly and refurbishment methods.

4. Fast response speed: Turn on the LED in microseconds, three times faster than the halogen startup time. The xenon lamp takes 3-5 seconds to fully open. The LEDs used in the headlamps have a higher response speed than conventional halogen and xenon lamps, ensuring better driving safety.

5. Low light attenuation: The brightness of the LED lamp is high, and the brightness attenuation is much lower than that of the traditional halogen lamp. The half-year light attenuation of halogen lamps has exceeded 30 years and the light attenuation has exceeded 70 years. For lamps with light attenuation of more than 70 years, there is almost no light attenuation.

6. LED components are small, compact, easy to arrange and design: this is also a huge advantage of LEDs, which caters to the ever-growing needs of automakers in design, completely breaking the shackles of traditional lighting systems in innovative styling, satisfying Consumer demand.

7. Low load, weak interference: LED components have low requirements on the use environment and good adaptability. Low-voltage DC can drive it, unlike xenon lamps, which require a booster.

8. Good durability: Although the LED element has a simple structure, its impact resistance and impact resistance are very good and it is not easy to break.

 The essence of the light-emitting diode (LED) lamp is that the halogen bulb is replaced by the original car and is not damaged during installation. Do not change the line, do not need to break the line, do not need to punch, do not affect the sealing, do not have any trouble changing the lamp at home, easily let your lights upgrade, drive worry-free, protect your safe travel!

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