Precautions for led driving lights

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Wherever you are, driving is not always a simple task. Low light levels on country roads can make for incredibly poor visibility and will be dangerous to your driving and your health. This is why so many car owners opt to install additional lighting on their vehicles.


The latest innovation in such lighting comes with LED driving lights, which are highly energy-efficient and resistant to wear. However, as with any electrical item, LEDs come with their own set of safety precautions which must be adhered to. If you’re planning on installing some LED driving lights on your vehicle, be sure to follow these essential precautions.


What should be precautious before the installation?

What should be taken good care of during installation?

How to maintain the led driving lights?



What should be precautious before the installation?

Check Local Laws

Mounting a light on your vehicle is not permitted in every part of the country, which is why you must check your local regulations before investing in LED driving lights. 

In addition, how lights are mounted is heavily regulated. In many areas, the lights are not permitted to protrude beyond the front of the vehicle or bullbar, so you’ll need to ensure that you opt for streamlined lights in these areas. Luckily, you can choose and buy our LED driving lights which tend to be compact, so they make for a good choice in these circumstances. It is generally only permitted to mount lights on the front of your vehicle as any additional lights on the back could cause a distraction to the driver behind you. All in all, you must check local laws to stay safe and avoid paying any extortionate fines.



Safeguard Your Eyes

Although installing LED lights on your vehicle is a means by which to protect your eyes from strain, you must remember that these are powerful lights that can cause damage themselves. LED driving lights are designed especially to be bright enough to penetrate deep into the dark, which is why you should never look directly at them when they are switched on. If you have any issues with your light bar, be sure to turn it off before going to inspect it, as it can damage your eyesight if you get too close.



Choose the type of light that suits you

We know that different led driving lights have different reflectors.

(1)The characteristics of floodlight: the central spot light beam is slightly concentrated, the floodlight area has a lot of diffuse reflection light, the viewing angle is large, the irradiation range is wide, and the light is soft and not dazzling. It is more suitable for in the dark wild jungle or barren desert, we are more eager to understand the surrounding environment in the dark, with a wide range of lighting angles.

(2)Spot beam characteristics: project a directional, clear boundary beam to illuminate a specific area. The central spot is small and strong, and the long-range effect is very good.Suitable for long-distance illumination such as outdoor sports at the speed of light, hunting, high-speed night riding, special outdoor operations, etc.


What should be taken good care of during installation?

Power Test Your Lights

After purchasing your driving light, you will need to install it on your vehicle. Before mounting LED driving lights, we suggest you connect all components on a test bench to verify all functions work properly. 


Secured Firmly Your Lights

You must read the instructions closely before the installation to ensure that you mount it securely as if your LED light fell off whilst driving it could spell disaster – not only could it distract you from the road, it could cause an obstruction to both your vehicle and anyone behind you, which could result in a dangerous accident. On bush roads, not only is there an issue with visibility but also with uneven and bumpy terrain, which is why your light will need to be secured firmly to stay in place. You will also need to check that the connection is securely in place to prevent a blackout whilst driving. You should check your light bar regularly so that you can tighten it if it is becoming loose.



Ensure Safe Wiring

If the selected LED driving light is of high power, you need to consider if your car's battery capacity will be enough. If the capacity of the car's battery is too small, you need to consider replacing it with a larger one. Or you can refit all of the car lights with LED lights, in that way, you could save a lot of power for your car light adaptions. When the LED driving light is connected to the car power supply, installing an independent fuse and switch is necessary. The LED driving light that you install on the roof of your vehicle, its power wiring harness is equipped with a waterproof plug. Then you need to bandage the wiring harness and route the wires into the car. When routing the wires, you should consider avoiding pressing the wires while open and close the door of your vehicle. And you should not reserve too many wires outside the car to avoid accidental scratching something.


Power Test Your Lights Again & Adjust The Angle

After the installation is complete, you need to power test the LED lights again, and then adjust the angle of the LED lights. Generally speaking, the illumination distance of all types of led lights for vehicles is about 50-150 meters. After adjusting the angle of the LED lights, you need to tighten the mounting screws. 


How to maintain the led driving lights?

Carry Out Regular Lighting Checks

The first step to proper driving lights care is to do regular, frequent inspections of the lights. This can be a quick walk-around where you examine the lights for any failures, uneven dimness, and other defects. If something is dirty, out of order, or needs replacing, be sure to take action immediately — don’t put it off!


Maintain Cleanliness

Keeping the driving lights clean may not initially seem like a crucial maintenance tip, but dirty lights will decrease their effectiveness. It’s best to ensure there isn’t any dirt, dust, or debris staining the lights. How can dirt or residue be dangerous on the road? If there is a significant coating of substances on your lights, this can cause the beam to become foggy. In this case, fogged-up lights will limit your visibility when driving at night.

If your lights are dirty or foggy, give them a thorough cleaning. Once a week wipe the front and back of your light. Remove anything that is simply stuck to your lights assemblies. 

Initially, keeping the driving lights clean does not seem to be a crucial maintenance technique, but dirty lights will reduce their effectiveness. It is best to make sure that there is no dirt, dust or debris to stain the lights every time you go out, especially after driving in rainy and foggy weather. How can dirt or residue be dangerous on the road? If your lamp has a large amount of material coating, it may cause the beam to fog. In this case, fog lights will limit your visibility when driving at night.

If your lamp is dirty, you can clean the lens with glass water. If the casing and the back of the diffuser are dirty, this will hinder the product's heat dissipation function and reduce the life span. You should wipe the mud with a clean cloth dampened with a little water.

But remember, please do not soak the removed led dricing light in water for a long time to clean. This will increase the probability of water ingress, which will make your product lens foggy.




JIUGUANG is a technology company specializing in automotive-led driving lights. It has a team of experts with many years of R&D and production experience in the field of automotive lighting. They will tell you some tips and precautions during installation.

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