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Pros and cons of different led headlight bulbs

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Body Aluminum Fins for Heat Dissipation

Jiuguang Lamp Body Aluminum Fins for Heat Dissipation


Lamp body aluminum fin heat dissipation: It is a passive cooling method. The tail is very large and there is no small fan. The principle of thermal convection is used to circulate the air through the air to make the temperature of the lamp body uniform.



 1. Low manufacturing cost and low price.



 1. Poor heat dissipation performance, fast light decay and short life.

 2, low brightness, low power wattage can not meet the safety requirements of LED headlight brightness.

 3. The tail is bulky, and most models cannot be installed non-destructively.

 Because of the low wattage, poor heat dissipation and difficult installation, it has been gradually eliminated by the market.

Fanless Braided Belt Cooling

Jiuguang Fanless Braided Belt Cooling


Braided belt heat dissipation: It is a passive cooling method. The braid at the tail of the lamp body is used to dissipate heat, and the braided belt is used to conduct heat. 


1. Cheap, low manufacturing cost and low price. 

Disadvantages: 1. Since the braided belt needs to be unrolled during installation, the headlight assembly will be destroyed during the installation. 

2. Poor heat dissipation performance, fast light decay and short life. 

3. Poor safety, because the braided belt is in contact with the headlight assembly, the heat will be conducted to the headlight assembly, and it is easy to burn the headlight assembly and related accessories. 

4, installation is troublesome, the correct installation is to stretch each braided band to achieve the maximum heat dissipation area, but it is difficult to achieve in actual installation.

Oil-containing Single-ball Fan for Heat Dissipation

Jiuguang Car LED Headlight Bulb C6

Oil-containing single-ball fan for heat dissipation: The bearing part of the fan is filled with grease, and the fan blades are rotated by a single ball.

Advantage: 1. The cost is relatively low.


Disadvantages: 1. The contact surface is large. After long-term use, the bearings are prone to wear and noise.

2, short life, working in a high temperature environment, the filled grease is easy to evaporate, after the oil is evaporated, the fan life has basically ended, and the life of the LED headlights has also ended.

Oil-free Double-ball Fan Heat Dissipation: 

jiuguang Dual-Color Metal LED headlight bulb JG-F2HL

The fan bearings are equipped with double balls to achieve smooth, quiet and fast rotation of the fan blades with extremely low wear.


1. Mute.

2. Smooth rotation, fast rotation speed and large ventilation.

3. Long life.


1. High cost.

Jiuguang LED car lights use imported CPU fans, with a service life of more than 50,000 hours, which maximizes heat dissipation performance. In addition, Jiuguang LED car lights use 6063 aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy material, integrated processing molding, thermal conductivity is 240, which improves the thermal conductivity by 20%. The copper substrate and high thermal conductivity ceramic substrate conduct heat, and the heat dissipation level is far better than other on the market. Brand LED lights.

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