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The New Energy Vehicle Market Continues to Expand, Driving the Rapid Development of the Auto Lighting Industry

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With the gradual increase in the penetration rate of the LED automotive lighting market, its market size has maintained rapid growth. In 2018, the LED automotive lighting market in China exceeded 30 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.3%; it is expected that the Chinese LED automotive lighting market will reach 440 by 2020 About 100 million yuan. According to the current development trend of the automotive lighting market, although LED has entered the automotive lighting field for a relatively short time, due to the rapid development of the industry, it is expected to gradually replace the position of halogen headlights and xenon headlights and become the main supply of the automotive lighting market.

China's automotive lighting market is still in the growth stage, and there is huge room for future market development. In the future, as China's domestic chip and packaging technology matures, the price of LED headlights will fall. It is expected that the penetration rate of LED headlights in China will reach more than 15% in 2020. As far as the current proportion of LED car consumption is concerned, new energy vehicles account for a relatively high proportion. With the full popularity of new energy vehicles in the future, LED market penetration in automotive lighting will be driven. Under this influence, the market scale of China's domestic LED automotive lamp industry continues to expand, and the development of the industry is accelerating. At present, the main production, installation and raw materials of automotive lighting are dominated by international brands. Compared with international products, China's domestic LED automotive lamps have a large gap in life and uniformity of sorting. However, with the continuous technological breakthroughs of Chinese domestic LED companies and the ability to obtain market needs in a timely manner, Chinese LED car lights have the advantages of flexible design, high cost performance, and diversified products. With the continuous improvement of China's LED production technology, domestic production The LED lamp industry can gradually take back the local market.

But for now, there are still many problems in China's domestic LED lamp market. As the market demand continues to increase, companies continue to enter the industry. Some companies are affected by multiple pressures, such as increased competition pressures and rising raw material costs, at the expense of quality to obtain higher profits. Car lights are extremely important auxiliary props in car driving safety. Their quality has a great impact on road traffic safety. Inferior LED car light products endanger the safety of consumers and disrupt the market order. Trust is greatly compromised and industry development is hindered. Affected by the decline in LED lamp prices and the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the penetration rate of the LED lamp market has continued to expand, and the industry has a better development prospect. But for now, China's domestic LED car market is dominated by many international giants. In order for the domestic LED industry to develop for a long time, LED car companies need to improve product quality, raise the industry threshold, increase market concentration, and promote local companies' competitiveness strengthen.

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