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The details you have to know about the lights being modified

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The details you have to know about the lights being modified
With the popularity of cars, more and more riders are changing their lights. Generally speaking, the modification is mainly to change the
headlights, interior lights mainly, but also includethe addition of flash lights, chassis lights, position lights and so on. At present, most of the car friends modified the starting point of the lights or to aesthetics-based, in fact, there is a misunderstanding, because the modified lights should be to improve safety as the primary starting point, beauty is the second consideration.

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Keep in mind the regulations
If you compare the front face of a car to a "face", the headlights are the "eyes" and the lights are the "eyes" of the car. If you want to reinvent this "eye", start by understanding the most basic regulatory knowledge. Article 97 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that the number of headlight tiles cannot exceed 60W. For the act of installing xenon xenon lights, according to Article 90 of the Road Traffic Safety Law, a fine of 200 yuan and a score of 3 points is imposed on the private modification of the vehicle, and if the halogen lights of the original car are replaced with xenon
lamps, a fine of 500 yuan to 2000 yuan will be imposed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law. Therefore, the owner of light bulb upgrade must comply with this provision, otherwise will be punished by traffic police.
Some of the riders will ask: "This will be punished, it will be punished, can not change?" In fact, in accordance with the regulations, within the scope of regulations allowed to modify the lights, or can be done. First, if you want to upgrade xenon lamp, must be the original use of xenon headlights of the car, within the scope of regulations to improve the brightness of the light;
Choose the light carefully
At present, a wide variety of car headlights modifications, huge price differences, fish and dragon mixed, especially car headlights and directly related to the safety of driving at night, so we must be particularly careful to choose. More common halogen bulbs, from dozens to hundreds of pairs have, bad miscellaneous bulbs not only brightness is not high life limited, but also may burn the line. Therefore, it is recommended that we try to choose the original supporting brand lights.
HID xenon headlights, different brands of price differences are also obvious, because HID xenon headlights are very complex process and technology parts, poor HID often short life, pressure boxes and light bulbs are easy to burn out, and color temperature brightness and scattering angle is often not in line with the requirements.
For the sake of others.
An important principle followed by vehicle modification is "civilized modification", as is the light. Some owners who change THE HID lights will often cause the disgust of passers-by, on the one hand, because of the cooler, these people choose the color temperature is too high, the light color blue HID, this blue light will particularly stimulate the eyes of the other passer-by and driver, not only unpleasant, but also affect safety; Many car owners do not pay attention to the use of light rules, such as the wrong car when driving high beamlights, random flashing lights and so on, not only repugnant, more likely to induce traffic accidents. Therefore, the modification of the lamp also need to think for others. Driving on the road, safety is often interrelated, others are safe, then their own safety from a certain point of view will also get a heavy guarantee.

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