What Are Ditch Lights?

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Today we're going to be talking about ditch lights.I think you might be interested in the following four sections.

What are ditch lights?

Ditch lights are designed to illuminate the side of your vehicle.Those are the lights above the hood, below the windshield.Ditch lights will not obstruct the driver's sight during the drivingbecause the bracket of the ditch light is usually very low-profile.

What are ditch lights01

Why are they named ditch lights?

you're also going to hear them called cowell lights or also going to hear them called a-pillar lights things like that.But really at its core the reason that we call them ditch lights that's is because you aim them out so you can see the sides of the roads aka the ditches,the roads trails things like that.

Why ditch lights are important?

Off-Road night driving:For one thing,during the off-roading, you guys will most likely encounter thorny roads and dark environments. At this time, ditchlights help a lot.It illuminates the sides of the roads  that the headlights cannot reach,and cooperates with other lights to provide you with near 180-degree view of the road, which makes your off-roading safer.Aim them appropriately and use a flood beam pattern to get a nice spread of light.

What are ditch lights02

For another,ditch lights usually come in a variety of cool shapes, and I believe anyone who loves off-road must be satisfied with this, which will provide more fun for off-road.

What are ditch lights03

Everyday driving:Adding ditch lights would help drivers navigate those narrow and poorly lit driveways and alleys.

Work needs: Like many tractors, excavators, and construction vehicles working at night.The road condition is rough and the environment is dim so the ditch lights will provide additional lighting effects to ensure efficient work.

What are ditch lights04

How to choose ditch lights?

Ditch lights are generally on the small side so they don’t generate a lot of noise.Otherwise, it will put a lot of pressure on the hood and cause damage to it.Generally under 5inch, you can choose the size according to the needs of the vehicle.

Regarding the choice of light color for ditch lights, there are generally yellow, white, combo. White is generally used for daily driving, but in severe weather such as heavy fog and snow, the role of yellow light is particularly significant. Yellow light can achieve the effect of dustproof, penetrating heavy snow and fog. Therefore, it is deeply loved by off-road enthusiasts, because yellow light must be used in many off-road situations to improve the safety of driving.Now I have to mention our company's hot sell products at this time-Off Road Driving Lights Wholesale JG-915Z.This product we made yellow light and white light.White is used for daily travel, yellow is used for assistance in hard weather.Specially, there are 6 kinds of beam type: Spot Beam, Flood Beam, and Wild Flood Beam of White and Yellow respectively.That provides more possibilities for selection.

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Last and most important thing for ditch lights is beam pattern.As we all know.There are three modes,flood beam,spot beam and combobeam.The following are the real pictures of the three light beams on the road and the comparison of the three.

What are ditch lights10

What are ditch lights09


What are ditch lights08

What are ditch lights11

Many products only have spot light beam or flood light beam, which may have limitations in the process of use. If you want all three light modes, our 954A offers that option to meet your requirements for various conditions.

What are ditch lights06


 What are ditch lights07

The above is the introduction of ditch lights. If you are interested, Jiuguang Lighting Co., Ltd. is a good choice.

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