What Types of LED Light Bar?

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If you now want to update your car with led light bars, you may be confused about what type of led light bars are suitable for your car. Although finding the right led light bar for your car may seem like a daunting task, we have made it relatively easy for you. We have put together a handy guide to help showcase various types of light bars, whether you are looking for led light bars for trucks, ATV, UTV or other cars.


Jiuguang has invested a lot of energy in the production of led light bars and also has many types of led light bars with superb quality. Now let me introduce them in detail below from three aspects.

1.      The led light bar is named according to the number of chip arrangements. For example, a single-row chip is called a single row light bar, a double-row chip is called a dual row light bar, and so on.



As the name suggests, a single-row led light bar has only one row of chip. Usually the singel row light bar has a classic appearance and simple design, so it is liked in the United Kingdom, France and other countries. Because of its narrow body shape, we generally can not only apply it on the roof, bumper and other common positions, but also It can be installed on small vehicles such as China Grid or ATV or motorcycle, which is easy to install and disassemble.

singel light bar applicationsingel light bar application

Another example is JIUGUANG's triple light bar 9631T, which has three row of high-quality Orsam chips, can reach 312W working power, and also has multi-color temperature, flashing warning functions, which can be used in large construction vehicles ,trucks and tractors, it can also be used in extreme off-road weather.

Jiuguang triple row light bat 9631T-RQ applicationJiuguang triple row light bat 9631T-RQ application

2.      According to the size distinction, the general applicable size of led light bar is 22-52 inch, but more and more people find that small size led light bar can be applied in a wider range, so next we will introduce some small size led light bar (6-12 inch). General 6 inch light bar can be used as work light or driving light, they are widely used on ships, ATV, UTV.

6-inch-Boat-Light-Bar-Supplier- JG-921H application6-inch-Boat-Light-Bar-Supplier- JG-921H application

3.      According to the shape to distinguish, the usual led light bar is divided into straight or curved, so that it can be applied more closely on the roof of the car, such as our light bar JG-9627, which has curved and straight shapes.



 There is a special case, which is different from the traditional LED light bar with different fixed sizes. Each size of JG-2009 is 10 inches. Each bracket connection can provide 6063 aviation aluminum splicing tape, and the length can be adjusted according to the installation position. The angle of the bracket is more appropriate, especially suitable for some large fishing boats. When fishing boats sail for a long time at sea, they will encounter wind waves and shaking. Adjustable angle and flexible splicing belt can make the lamp work better.

 Splicing Boat Light Bar JG-2009 application

Splicing Boat Light Bar JG-2009 application


4.      According to the color distinction, it can be divided into daily white light, two-color light, flashing light, and multi-color RGB light. Our latest RGB product 9624R-L is a color light bar with dual brackets, the remote controller is simple practical operation and you can get many lights effect.2 white light mode(normal +flashing)and 39 RGB modes include rainbow,flowing water,etc.....The remote control can avoid app freezing.

Jiuguang RGB light bar 9624R-LJiuguang RGB light bar 9624R-L


Jiuguang,has 20 years’ experience in the Auto lighting industry.
Has been studying and researching 4X4 lighting for production design. Invested a huge amount of money to build a LED lamp production line, and spent a lot of time and energy to become China's leading auto parts manufacturer. Of course, our products have passed CE, RoHS, FCC certification, and we are constantly looking for more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and more efficient ways.

Jiuguang auto lighting industryJiuguang auto lighting industry

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