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What about the lights coming into the water?

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What about the lights coming into the water?

As far as the overall structure of the headlights is concerned, whether it is a common halogen headlight, or a xenon headlight, or a headlight with an LED light set, there is a ventilation rubber tube in the rear lid position. The moment the headlights are lit and even the headlights will produce a lot of heat when used, the role of the ventilation pipe is to remove these heat as far as possible out of the headlights, to maintain the normal working temperature of the headlights, to ensure the use of the headlights stable.

What about the lights coming into the water

It is this ventilation pipe, the air of water will enter the headlights and attached to the lamp cover, with the accumulation of water vapor, a water beads also flow down the lamp cover. Most of this is caused by large temperature differences, and winter and rain-prone seasons are most likely to occur. In this case, the driver friend may not have to worry too much, the lights after turning on for a period of time, the fog will be with the hot air through the ventilation through the ventilation pipe out of the lamp, which basically will not damage the headlights and electrical circuits. In this case, the driver's friends can not be taken lightly, such as must not bake the headlights, this is easy to damage the headlights, because the headlights are plastic on the exterior, the extra heat is easy to bake the lamp cover, and this damage is mostly irreparable.

In addition to changes in the weather, human factors will also make the lights into "tear eyes", such as vehiclewa, car wash and so on. When the vehicle wades, because the engine and exhaust system itself are relatively large heat sources, rain water will form a large amount of water vapor on top of it, along the ventilation pipe, part of the water vapor will enter the headlights.

And car wash is more direct, some car owners like to use high-pressure water gun to flush the engine compartment, watching the silt and leaves in the hands of the high-pressure water gun one by one repulsed, the heart has a kind of unspeakable pleasure. After flushing, for the engine compartment of the water does not deal with in a timely manner, cover the bonnet, the water can not be quickly released to the outside of the car, smouldering in the engine compartment of the water may enter the headlights inside.

All mentioned above are relatively minor in-water inlet, but if the water inside the car headlights is sufficient to raise fish, then to remove, and turn on the lamp cover, dry, check the headlight surface for damage or possible leakage of the place, if no abnormality is found, we generally recommend replacing the headlights back cover seal and ventilation pipe.

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