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What are the obstacles to large-scale application of LED car lights?

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What are the obstacles to large-scale application of LED car lights?
1. compared with incandescent bulbs, the cost of application LED is high, according to the number of LEDs, quality of different prices for similar incandescent bulb products several times to more than ten times. Although high-power LEDs have long appeared, but its cost is also proportional to its power size, the global reduction in the cost of production of
automotive LED will be one of the main factors affecting the future large-scale application of automotive LED.


2. Because the terminal consumers on the appearance of the car lights more and more demanding, and with the number of light applications LED more and more, led problems are more and more likely, so the performance reliability of LED products more and more demanding. At the same time, the vehicle manufacturers for LED suppliers more and more stringent requirements.
3. with the
car LED market size is growing, new suppliers are bound to be more and more, competition intensified, and the quality of suppliers are uneven, will inevitably affect the market reputation, thereby affecting the final consumer demand. As long as LED costs fall to the same level as incandescent lamps, cars other than economy cars will be used on a large scale.

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