What are the pros and cons of different LED headlight bulbs

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Innovations in lighting mean that more types of headlights are available for car drivers. While you might think of LED lights for homes and businesses, LEDs are increasingly used for car headlights. Knowing the types of different led headlight bulbs to determine what’s right for you.And there are many types of LED headlight bulbs: fan headlight bulbs, fanless headlight bulbs, truck headlight bulbs,  multi-color headlight bulbs, etc. Now let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of led headlight bulbs. headlight bulbs

2.fanless headlight bulbs

3.truck headlight bulbs

4.muti-color headlight bulbs

1.Fan Headlight Bulbs Advantage:

1) Smaller and brighter

2) Cheaper and repaid heat dissipation


The dependence on the fan is very high, and it is easy to scrap the long-term operation of the fan. After the fan is broken, the headlight bulb can no longer be used.

%1. Fanless Headlight Bulbs Advantage:

1) High-quality led chip and better lumen performance. And the service life is generally longer than that of the fan headlight bulb, because there is no concern about fan damage.


1)Poor heat dissipation performance, fast light decay and short life.

2)Noiseless operation and do not require extra maintenance

3)Longer lifespan(compared to fan LEDs)    

3.Truck Headlight Bulbs Advantage

1)Special for truck:with large working voltage (16-80V).

2)Outstanding heat dissipation and built-in decoder can be applied to any car model


1) Produce excessive heat and short life

4.Muti-color Headlight Bulbs Advantage:

1)With multiple color temperatures, it can meet the needs of a variety of weather

2)Double-effect cooling system


Slightly more expensive than others

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