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What are the types of lights?

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What are the types of lights?

Starting with halogen headlights, this is the first type of headlight to be used in a car. To be clear, it's an incandescent bulb, except that because the incandescent bulb has too short a tungsten life, it adds halogen gas to the incandescent bulb! In this way, the problem of incandescent bulb life is too short. However, there is also a problem is because of the halogen bulb itself, light can not gather, 360 degrees around the light! So in order to get the lighting up, add a reflector to the rear of the headlights! So, halogen headlights are basically this kind of.

What are the types of lights

Because of the mature technology and the relatively low price, halogen headlights have also become the preferred source of light for low- and medium-priced models.

Later, people are not satisfied with the low brightness of halogen headlights! Also because of the vigorous development of science and technology! Xenon headlights were born! Because there is no tungsten wire, life directly becomes 10 times halogen headlights! Also, it's three times brighter than a halogen headlight! However, because it is too bright, so xenon headlights will basically come standard with a lens, in order to accurately shine light to the ground, thus solving the scattering problem! So xenon headlights are basically long like this, a round eye.

Next is the LED headlights, the consumption of halogen headlights 1/20, xenon headlightlife 3000 hours, and LED is 0000 hours, more durable, smaller! Faster response! The light decay is much smaller than halogen. These become the capital of LED's large-scale use on mid- to high-end models! And because of its small size, it can consist of a large lamp consisting of many individual LEDs, and then the water lamp or something appears.

Finally, it's the highest-tech laser headlights. The advantage is higher brightness and longer exposure distance. But the LED has been fully satisfied with the driving needs now, the current laser headlights match less models, the new Audi a8 above, is also the need for optional configuration.

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