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What if the lights are aging?

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What if the lights are aging?

Lights are like the eyes of a car, as a car headlights manufacturer's many years of experience, the assembly of lights and light bulbs will increase with the use of time and aging, resulting in dimmed the brightness of the lights. Therefore, when the car lights age, in order to ensure our driving safety, it is necessary to replace the brighter, wider range of car headlights.

What if the lights are aging

It is most common for "halogen bulbs" to age and cause lights to darken. While the owner wants the lights to be bright and durable, the reality is that for standard-powered light bulbs, the brightness is not as bright as a searchlight and life is not long. Generally more than 5 months, good maintenance can be used to more than 1 year. In the process of lamp use, contact oxidation, internal electrode column aging, filament volatilization and volatile splinter in the glass bubble deposition, etc. , will lead to a decrease in the brightness of the bulb. Driving process will be due to the light brightness is not enough to create safety hazards, the driver can not take timely preventive measures.

Most of the current market for automotive light bulbs color temperature of about 3200K, yellow. Yellow light will make people naturally want to sleep, especially for older people, it is easy to cause traffic accidents.

While the white light can keep people alert and awake, for the owner of the "LED and xenon lamp" is the best choice, quality assurance is a simple way to select quality lights, so that the lighting effect of the car as bright as daytime and life longer, longer, wider, wider.

Summary: the lights aging, to replace the lights in time, reduce the occurrence of accidents.

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