What is the best H15 connector headlight bulb?

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The H15 connector headlight bulb, which is different from the bulbs with a connector such as H4, 9004, 9005, etc. It is usually used in cars manufactured after 2008. They are generally used as bulbs installed in a series of cars such as Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3/A5, Mazda, etc. They are mainly used as high beams and sidelights/DRL. Most of the H15 connector bulbs we generally see in the market are COB chips are not satisfactory in terms of light type and brightness, and generally have a service life of less than half a year.

Now Jiuguang has launched a new H15 connector bulb, the model is called M2P, it is an upgraded version of the M2 bulb, with higher quality. Below we will compare the bulbs with M2P and ordinary H15 interface from four aspects.

H15 headlight bulb JG-M2P

1. First of all, we all know that the chip is a decisive factor in determining the brightness of a bulb. A light bulb has a good chip to have a higher light output quality and a longer service life. Our M2P bulbs are different from the H15 connector bulbs of other COB chips on the market. We use high-quality CSP chips with 8 chips (6 chips with an H4 connector). The chip spacing is small and the light gathering performance is good. Low energy consumption, long service life, strong antistatic ability.

The following two pictures are the comparison of JG-M2P and C6 chips and the application of this product M2P installed on the golf.

JG-C6 and JG-M2P chip comparison

2. Second, the most important thing we cannot ignore when looking at a light bulb is its lumen value. The M2P bulb is an upgraded version of the M2 bulb, and its lumen value is much higher than that of the ordinary H15 interface. Using a super bright CSP chip, 360-degree clear beam without blind spots, low light attenuation, low energy consumption, night driving can better reflect the road conditions.

The following two pictures are the light attenuation levels of the two products after 24 hours of lighting. We can see that the light attenuation value of M2P is significantly less than the light attenuation value of C6.

C6 H15 bulb and JG-M2P H15 lumens comparison

 3. In addition, the volume of JG-M2 is much smaller than that of ordinary bulbs, and our M2P is an upgraded version of M2 with a smaller volume than M2. The following figure shows the size of these two products, M2P is suitable for 98% of Vehicles. The total length of this LED bulb is shorter than other bulbs, it will not affect the original installation size, and there is no need to worry about installation problems.

JG-M2P and C6 H15 connector size different

4. The last point is the weight of the bulb. Generally, we may think that the heavier the bulb, the better the quality. However, our M2P bulbs are made of the aluminum inside. For bulbs of the same volume, the quality of aluminum production will be smaller, the heat dissipation effect will be better, and the service life will be longer. Therefore, our M2P bulbs are lighter than other H15 connector bulbs,let you have safer and more durable driving.

The following two pictures show the weight comparison between JG-M2P and C6. We can clearly see that the weight of M2P is relatively light.

The weight of JG-M2P

The weight of C6 H15 bulb and JG-M2P

The following two pictures show the actual installation of this product M2P on the golf,We can see its actual lighting distance and expressiveness.

The application of H15 coonector headlight bulb (JG-M2P) on a golf

If your car needs H15 interface bulbs and you want to find high-quality H15 interface bulbs, then JG-M2P will be your best choice. Jiuguang has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive lighting industry. Now Jiuguang has been producing different LED lights. In addition to H15 connecter headlight bulbs, Jiuguang also provides waterproof laser driving lights, work lights, jeep headlights, and led light bars. Choose Jiuguang's products, and we will provide you with the best pre-sales and after-sales services.

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