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What is the classification of car lights, and how do you maintain and repair them?

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Car lights refers to the lamp on the vehicle, which is a tool for the vehicle to drive on the road at night, and also a prompt tool to send out various vehicle driving signals. The design and control operation of automobile lights are different for different vehicles, but the functions are basically the same.

Types of headlights:

Headlight: the combination headlight is at the front of the car, which mainly plays the role of lighting and signal. The light emitted by the headlight can illuminate the road conditions in front of the vehicle body, so that the driver can drive safely in the dark. According to the light source, the combined headlight can be divided into: tungsten halogen lamp and xenon lamp. According to the function, it can be divided into (1) low beam lamp, (2) high beam lamp, (3) front turn signal lamp, (4) front position lamp (also called width lamp, indicating the position lamp of the vehicle), and front fog lamp. Fog lamps are not required by national laws and regulations. All models are equipped basically.

Combination tail lamp: the combination tail lamp is at the rear of the car, which mainly plays the role of lighting and signal. The rear lamp is generally composed of (3) rear position lamp, (5) reverse lamp, (1) brake lamp, (2) rear fog lamp, (4) rear turn signal lamp, and reflex reflector.

Turn signal: a lamp used to indicate left or right turn to other road users. Regulatory requirements are amber.

License plate lamp: license plate lamp is mainly used to illuminate the license plate, so that people can distinguish the license plate in the dark.


According to the distribution direction, the lamps are mainly divided into front, rear and turn signal lamps.

1. All lamps in front of the vehicle include: small lamp, headlight, high beam lamp, fog lamp (rear fog lamp)

Small lamp: display vehicle width

The function of the small lamp is to show the width of the vehicle, which is also the origin of the term wide lamp. When driving at night, it is inevitable that the road lighting is not good. At this time, turning on the small light can let other vehicles or pedestrians distinguish the width of the car to further avoid accidents.

Headlamp: responsible for daily lighting

Headlights are commonly known as lights, which are used to provide a good view for car owners in bad light or dark days. In addition, in traffic laws and regulations, there are clear requirements for the luminosity and illumination range of headlights, because the lighting effect will directly affect the safety of drivers, others and others. Nowadays, with the rapid development of automobile industry, more and more domestic vehicles are equipped with xenon headlights, automatic adjustable headlights and so on.

High beam light: no use in meeting, turning and severe weather

Compared with the headlamp, the high beam lamp casts a longer and brighter beam. However, there are clear provisions in the road traffic safety law for the use of high beam lights. Simply speaking, it is prohibited to use high beam lights in the conditions of meeting, turning, bad weather, good road lighting and so on, because high beam lights are easy to cause instant blindness of the driver in the opposite direction, thus causing traffic accidents.

Fog lamp (rear fog lamp): auxiliary lighting in fog

Fog lights are actually very easy to understand. They are auxiliary lighting in fog days. The fog lamp is generally installed at the position lower than the headlamp group. The visibility is very low in the fog day, and the driver's vision will be seriously affected. Because the penetration of the fog lamp is strong, it can effectively improve the visibility when driving in the fog day after turning on the fog lamp. However, it should be noted that it should not be turned on when the weather is good, because the rear fog light is easy to affect the vision of the driver of the rear car.


2. All lights at the rear of the vehicle: brake light, reversing light, license plate light; and turning light

Brake light: mainly for warning.

The brake light is installed at the rear of the car, which is generally composed of two left and right brake lights and one high mounted brake light, with the main color of red.

The function of brake light is to reduce the occurrence of rear end collision. In general, when the vehicle slows down, stops or encounters an emergency in front, the brake pedal will be pressed, and the brake light will be on at this time, playing a warning role.

Back up lights: remind / provide rear lighting

After the reverse gear is put into operation, the reversing lamp will light up, which has two functions: one is to remind the people behind the vehicle or in the rear of the vehicle to show their intention; the other is to provide lighting for the rear of the vehicle, because the reversing lamps are all white, which can provide a good line of sight for the rear of the vehicle and facilitate safe reversing.

License lamp: display license plate

License plate light is usually turned on at night or when the weather is bad, and its function is to illuminate the license plate of the vehicle. Because in the road traffic safety law, the license plate light must be turned on when driving at night, and the license plate number can be seen within 20 meters. In addition, the license plate lamp and the small lamp must be controlled by a switch as required.

Turn signal: alert other vehicles or pedestrians

The turn signal is easy to understand. When the vehicle changes lanes or directions, it needs to be turned on. The turn signal flashes intermittently to remind the left and right vehicles or pedestrians. Generally, a car has at least six turn signals, two in front of the car, one on the side of the car, and two behind the car.


Maintenance of automobile lighting system

Go to the repair shop for daily maintenance:

Generally speaking, the warranty period of automobile bulb is about 6 months or 10000 kilometers. It is recommended that the owner check the lamp before driving out every time to avoid accidents. In addition, it is necessary to check the normal operation of the lights every time the vehicle is under maintenance.

According to the different luminous principles, headlight bulbs can be divided into vacuum lamp, halogen lamp and xenon lamp. Vacuum lamp and halogen lamp are cheap and widely used, but their service life is short, generally hundreds of hours. The service life of xenon lamp can reach 2500-3000 hours, and the lighting effect is better, but the price is higher. Of course, no matter what type of bulb, its basic maintenance knowledge is almost the same.

As the oil filter needs to be changed during regular maintenance, the headlight bulb needs to be changed regularly. Generally speaking, the brightness of headlight bulb will be weakened every 50000 km or 2 years. At this time, it is better to carry out a test. If there is a lack of brightness, it is recommended to replace the bulb, and it is recommended to replace the left and right sides at the same time, so as to avoid the situation of different brightness on both sides. I didn't replace the bulb in time after the brightness of the bulb weakened, which led to a waste of time in the annual inspection.

Check and repair the vehicle lighting system by yourself:

If you're interested in doing it yourself, try doing it yourself.

1. Adjust the lamp lighting manually. If necessary, the owner can use a screwdriver to adjust the height of the lamp beam properly according to the tips in the vehicle manual.

2. Check whether the dust cover of the lamp is cracked. If the dust cover of the lamp is cracked, it is easy to cause rainwater to enter the lamp when driving and form water mist in the lamp cover.

3. In normal use and routine maintenance, the vehicle shall pay attention to frequently check whether the night running width indicator, fog lamp, brake lamp, etc. work normally, and replace the blackened bulb in time if any.

4. When starting, start the vehicle first, and then turn on the lights; when turning off, turn off the lights first, and then turn off the lights, which can better protect the car battery. When replacing the bulb, wear the special gloves to replace the bulb to avoid uneven heat dissipation caused by the bulb contacting with grease, which will affect the service life of the bulb.

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