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What is the difference between the way LED lights are cooled?

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What is the difference between the way LED lights are cooled?

In the LED light industry, we usually divide heat dissipation into two types: passive heat dissipation and active cooling. Passive cooling is mainly the cooling of structural materials, in the hot part of the lamp connected to the metal material to achieve heat dissipation. There are three main types of historical iterations: the first generation of aluminum body cooling, the disadvantage of which is that the cooling area is small, power can not be improved, so such products are generally not bright.

What is the difference between the way LED lights are cooled

First generation aluminum body cooling

The second generation of copper belt cooling, copper belt cooling for the world's first in 2014, that is to say, today all the world's copper belt cooling is derived from TheIda, we are the ancestors of copper belt cooling, from the copper belt cooling LED lights into the era of popularity, because of its increased thermal area, so power is increased, Brightness is therefore accepted by the vast number of users. However, when the copper belt cooling installation needs to tear the copper belt as far as possible apart, to prevent the build-up together, causing the temperature to be too high to cause the burning lamp.

Second generation copper belt cooling

Copper belt heat dissipation as far as possible, otherwise in extreme cases will burn the lamp

Metal braided band cooling effect is good because a strip of independent metal fiber cooling area is larger, if these fiber strips screw together, not to change back to a piece of metal? Therefore, there is a process requirement in the middle, qualified metal belt cooling, its metal belt must be ripped apart and scattered. Ibista's Eagle series LED lights, the use of a unique process technology to ensure that the metal belt will not be tangled into blocks, so that heat dissipation is better.

Here's talk about active cooling

In addition to passive cooling, there is active cooling. Our daily contact with the most computer graphics cards and CUP, is the active cooling of the items.

You see, the aluminum cooling slot around the edge is passive cooling, and the fan in the middle is actively dissipating. The same is true of LED lights, which are common for active cooling using fans. The advantage of active cooling is that the heat dissipation is more efficient, so the same lamp beads and the upper structure of the same case, the fan type of LED lights will do a little brighter. But just as everything has two sides, the same fan-type LED lights have a fatal disadvantage, is that the fan will be bad! And the environment on the car is very harsh, so the requirements for the fan are very high.

So the key point is to choose which fan can be used longer, more efficient, LED brightness will be higher. Fans divided into 369 and so on, what is a good fan? Here are a few nouns, oil pressure fans, single ball bearing fans and double ball bearing fans.

Oil pressure is pure oil fan, the worst quality. The single ball bearing fan is a ball bearing with an oilbearing bearing to reduce the cost of the double ball bearing, its rotor and stator with ball with lubricant lubrication. This fan noise is low, but it is prone to oil leakage. Oily fans in high temperature, dust and more harsh environment will greatly reduce their service life, so it is extremely suitable for use in LED lights.

Single ball bearing fan

The double ball bearing fan uses two ball bearings, bearings have several tiny steel beads around the shaft, when the fan page or shaft rotates, the steel beads follow the rotation. Because they are spheres, there is less friction and there is no oil leakage.

Double ball bearing fan structure

Compared with a comparison, oil-bearing fan LED lamp life is generally within 1 year, and single ball life of about 2 years, and double ball can reach more than 3 years (according to the use density), because the cost of double ball bearing fan is high, so most domestic manufacturers will not use such a high cost of fans. However, like Theikoda's active cooling products, most of the use of double ball bearings, so more durable, fans are not easy to burn, life is longer, brighter!

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