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What is the reason why the reversing light is not lit?

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What is the reason why the reversing light is not lit?

There are several reasons why a car's reversing light does not illuminate:

1. the filament is broken or the bulb is leaking.

reversing light

2. The reverse switch has poor contact or the wiring plug is disconnected.

3. the fuse is blown.

How to solve the problem that the car reversing light does not light up

1. look at the fuse

The reversing light does not illuminate. The first thing that comes to mind is that the reversing lamp fuse is blown. Most of the car's reversing lamp fuses are in the instrument panel. According to the instructions of the fuse box, the reversing lamp is insured. You can dial out the fuse to see if Fuse.

2. check the backup light bulb

If the backup lamp bulb filament is broken, of course, at least the power supply will not light up after the reversing light. Checking the reversing light bulb is also relatively simple. Just remove the taillight and remove the bulb to see if the bulb is normal.

3. check the backup light switch

Only after the reversing light switch is normally engaged, the reversing light will light up, dial the reversing light switch plug, and use a wire to turn the switch together. If the reversing light is on, it means the reversing light switch is broken, if it is not bright. That means the switch is ok.

4. check the backup light power cord

The reversing light is in normal condition and the switch is normal, but the reversing light is not bright. It can be measured from the reversing light bulb. If there is no power supply in a normal circuit, the electric equipment will not work normally.

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