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What maintenance method is lights?

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What maintenance method is lights?

Understanding the construction of lamps:

Headlights are the most important lighting fixtures, traffic regulations on the headlights, the scope of exposure are required, the effect of lighting directly affect you and others of traffic safety. Headlights are mainly closed and light bulb replaceable. Closed refers to the light bulb and lens, lamp cover to make a whole, easy to make the entire luminaire mass production. Most of the square and round lights of mini-cars and commercial vehicles are enclosed. Car headlights are mostly irregular shape, not conducive to making closed, so the use of light bulbs and lamp shades, lens separation of the structure. The trend now is that the more high-end cars, the more the headlights are used for interchangeable light bulbs.

What maintenance method is lights

Auxiliary luminaires are much simpler in structure, mostly for general incandescent bulbs, plus colored plastic lampshades. In the past two years, some imported cars have used colored light bulbs and transparent lamp shades on auxiliary lamps, which look crystal clear and look good, but the versatility of the bulbs is much worse.

Check the lighting effect of the whole car

The requirements for the headlights are simple: the light is sufficient and the angle of projection is appropriate. Lights are a test item when a vehicle is on the line, but in everyday use, as long as you feel good about it. The lighting effect of the headlights is mainly related to two factors: light and angle. Cars will have bumps and vibrations while driving, so the lamps will be loose, misplaced, which is the most common reason for the decline in lighting effects.

The angle of the headlights is adjustable, most of them are in the front compartment, behind the headlights, through positioning screws to adjust, some are adjusted outside the car, or in the car electric adjustment. Without the assistance of the metering instrument, you can park the car on a straight road, start the engine, but remember that the generator must be powered enough to maintain the normal work of the headlights, each fine-tuning angle, switch between near and distant light, adjust to you feel good on it.

In terms of auxiliary lights, the requirements for wide, brake and reversing lights are bright enough, no flashing, the flashing frequency of the steering light should be between 60 and 120 times per minute, and the frequency of the front and rear lights should be the same. The auxiliary light is not bright enough, you should first observe whether the lamp cover is aging and yellowing, or water vapor caused by rain leakage. The way to clean the lamp shade is simple, as long as the lamp cover is taken apart and the inside is wiped clean with a damp cloth. If you think the angle of the light is ok, but the lighting is still not good, it's time to change the light bulb. Car headlights have incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, of which halogen lamps are more efficient in powering up and have a longer life, although the price is higher, but has now become mainstream. When buying light bulbs, pay attention to whether the power of the new bulb and the original light bulb is exactly the same, because if the power is too high will be immediately burned, the brightness will be insufficient, generally in the vicinity of the lamp will be labeled with a power label.

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