What’s The Best H4 Led Mini Projector Bulb?

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As is known to all that there are many types of led headlight bulbs on the market now, and mini projector led bulbs are even more popular. mini projector led bulb has a built-in high-definition condensing lens that reduces light loss and greatly improves the condensing capacity, and the cutting line and light pattern are clearer. It can easily solve the problem of car astigmatism and will not cause dizziness to the driver on the opposite side.

JG mini projector h4

There are many options for a mini projector led bulb in the market, so what is the best mini projector H4 bulb? Jiuguang’s latest mini projector led bulb JG-Y7S has outstanding advantages and high-cost performance. Below we will compare it with several other mini projector bulbs.

JG projector led bulb

First of all, everyone is familiar with JG-Y1. It has high power, the brightness lumen can reach 8000lm, and condensing capacity is great. The cutting line is almost perfect and the paving effect is excellent. It is an aluminum alloy lamp body with built-in heat dissipation. The lamp body is equipped with an efficient heat dissipation system, intelligent temperature control, to prevent the automatic short circuit of an over-temperature bulb. However, JG-Y1 has only one color temperature, and can only choose the left-hand drive or right-hand drive, which is relatively higher price.

 mini projie h4 JG-Y1

In addition, we have JG-Y6 which is the most popular and most common H4 mini projector bulb on the market. It has a single color and three color temperature options, which can meet the requirements of normal weather driving and safe driving on rainy and foggy days, more complete functions, and low prices. But its shortcomings are that the power is not high, the cutting line is not clear enough, the width of the cutting line is short, and the paving effect is poor, which will bring a blind spot to the opposite car.

  h4 projector headlights JG-Y6 3 colors

There is a special mini projector bulb in our JG-Y9. Its lamp body is smaller and more convenient to install in the headlight. It is different from other mini projector bulbs in that except for the H4 interface, it also has H11, H7, and other interfaces, which are more widely used. But because the projector lens is small, its lumen value is lower than that of other large lens products, and its color temperature is lower and the price is more expensive.

 projector headlight bulb JG-Y9 1

JG-Y8 is an earlier mini projector bulb that appeared on the market. The lamp body is all made of high-temperature resistant aluminum, with a fan for heat dissipation, which has greater heat dissipation performance. But it has only one color, the cutting line is not obvious, the light color temperature is close to yellow, and the light distance is not wide enough, the price is similar to Y6.

 h4 mini led projector JG-Y8

Finally, there is a mini projector bulb JG-Y10. Its top lens diameter is only 27mm, which is much smaller than the traditional mini projector H4 bulb. It is more convenient to install and is also suitable for more cars. Y10 has higher power and concentrated light. But its shortcomings are that the cutting line is not clear enough, the blind area is obvious (marked on the side in the figure), and the paving effect is poor, which is not conducive to the safe driving of the driver.

 mini projector h4 JG-Y10

After knowing some other mini projector bulbs, we can see that they all have advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a mini projector bulb with high brightness, clear-cutting line, and more complete functions, then you can choose our newest product JG-Y7S, it has three color temperatures, which can meet the requirements of normal weather driving and safe driving in rainy and foggy days. The brightness can reach 8000lm, it has a built-in high-definition condensing lens that reduces light loss and greatly improves the condensing capacity. It has strong decoding and anti-interference ability, It can also adjust the left and right driving and the height of the high and low light. More importantly,the price of JG-Y7S is cheaper than JG-Y1, Very cost-effective.

H4 Mini Projector JG-Y7S

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