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What to do with the yellowing of the lights?

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What to do with the yellowing of the lights?

Treatment of yellowing of headlights:

led car lights

1. often scrub the surface of the headlight assembly

Car in the driving process, the body will certainly stick some dirt, car headlights are the same, so to regularly use a soft cloth to scrub the headlight shading surface, to avoid dirt for a long time more sticky tighter, it is more can not wash off.

2. clean with alkaline water

Alkaline water can be cleaned with soapy water and washed every three months. After cleaning, remember to wipe the headlights with polishing agents and wax the treatment.

3. do not need to use a car, do not park the car in the sun violent place, try to park in the back of the shade.

The main reason for yellowing the surface of a car headlightise is the sun exposure, so avoiding the sun is also the simplest way to avoid the headlights turning yellow.

4. beauty wax polishing treatment:

It is also a good way to solve the long-term yellowing of the car light shade, the effect is still quite good than its original yellowing. Choose a special beauty wax to yellow ingress the lamp shade for special polishing treatment, slight yellowing and pattern can be disposed of.

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