Where is the importance of a good led light bar?

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Off-road is an exciting and relaxing sport, and many off-road enthusiasts fall in love with the feeling of taking an adventure in an unmanned land with an off-road vehicle. However, the adventure also means more danger. Off-road clubs often encounter harsh environments such as dark nights and sandstorms. At this time a good light condition plays a very important role. Choosing a good led light bar will make your off-road experience safer and more comfortable.


Next I will introduce to you the importance of a good led light bar from three aspects to help you make a better choice.


1. A good led light bar provides you with a clearer vision and guarantees your driving safety.

2. A good led light bar is more powerful with tough built to be used in harsh environments

3. A good led light bar has a longer lifespan and a wide range of applications


1.Off-road drivers often need to face different harsh environments, so a clear vision to see the road ahead is critical. The led light bar has a wide illumination range and a long illumination distance, allowing the driver to see the road ahead clearly.

Jiuguang has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive lighting industry with advanced technology. Our led light bars apply imported LED chips so the brightness is higher and the stability is stronger. It uses a point light source chip with a combined beam. Such as our Dual Rows Light Bar JG-9623, featuring original Osram P7 LED chips, it can provide you brighter, wider(250 meters), more distance(800 meters) and smooth light, no dark zone and colorful ring, more comfortable and safer for the driver.



The illumination of our light bars up to 130 lumens per watt. They can continuously emit stunning lights with high power, providing each off-road vehicle driver with a wider and clearer vision to making your off-road experience better and safer.Jiuguang led light bars can meet your different needs with various sizes and functions.According to the number of rows, our led light bars can be divided into single row led light bar, dual row led light bar,  triple row led light bar, quad row led light bar, and laser light bar.


2.One of the most attractive yet dangerous factors of off-roading is the harsh environment. For safety, you need to ensure that the led light bar you choose can still work well in severe weather such as sandstorms and rainy days.

Jiuguang's led light bar can not only provide you with good light performance but also with tough built. They will not be easily damaged cause it is composed of military-standard sealed silicon rubber and a die-cast aluminum heat dissipation shell.

In other properties, Jiuguang’s led light bars are also very powerful and have undergone a series of rigorous tests. Built secure with IP68 waterproof rate, they have passed professional optical tests, shock and vibration tests, high temperature and high-pressure tests, and corrosion tests. We are confident that it can handle any kind of harsh environment.



3.The lifespan of the led light bars is another problem consumers care about.

If the light stops working suddenly, it will bring danger during the adventure.


Jiuguang has extended the lifespan of the led light bars to 50,000 hours through technical research. The integrated heat management system of our led light bars adopts the latest technology and design, using slotted fins and aluminum alloy heat sinks to achieve the best cooling effect. In addition, Jiuguang’s high-quality led light bars have breathing holes, which can dissipate heat to a greater degree.This excellent heat dissipation system greatly extends the lifespan of our light bars.



Jiuguang led light bars also have a wide range of applications. They're fully compatible with almost all jeeps, 4x4, cars, trucks, Trctutor, SUV, ATV, boats, etc. The installation of the light is also very simple and convenient with the adjustable mounting bracket. It can not only make your installation effortless but also can be easily adjusted to the different angles you want.


From the above content, I hope this article can help you make a better choice and have a better understanding of the led light bars. Jiuguang is an experienced and technologically advanced manufacturer. Our products are exported overseas and can provide you with plenty of products. Welcome to contact us, Jiuguang will be the choice you will not regret.

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